Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness Review

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog HarnessThe Kurgo Tru-Fit smart dog harness is available in a wide range of sizes from extra small to extra-large and it comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty against defects. This harness also features plastic quick release buckles for easy off and on, extreme comfort design and a padded chest plate.

Often, pet owners will need to purchase multiple harnesses as their pet grows, especially if they are new to leash walking. But this model, which is highly adjustable, will actually grow with your pet.

As an added bonus, pet owners are able to choose two different leash attachment positions, based on a dog’s age and their level of experience walking on a leash. This harness will prevent the need for painful shock collars, spray collars, choke chains or prong collars, and instead will allow you to walk even the most hyper dog, calmly, with ease.

Kurgo Smart Dog Harness Assessment and Features

This harness by Kurgo encourages comfortable leash walking with a no-pull D-ring located on the chest. The different adjustment options allow you to get a more custom fit for your dog, which prevents the harness from slipping and gives the owner more control during a walk. The D-ring placement makes this choice perfect for dogs that resist or pull during walks.

The extra-small harness fits dogs with a neck that measures in at nine to thirteen inches, with a chest that’s twelve to eighteen inches and an overall weight of five to ten pounds.

The small harness will fit dogs with a neck that measures twelve to twenty inches, a chest that measures in at sixteen to twenty-two inches and an overall weight of ten to twenty-five pounds.

The medium sized harness will fit dogs that have a neck measurement of sixteen to twenty-five inches, a chest that measures in at eighteen to twenty-eight inches and an overall weight of twenty-five to fifty pounds.

The large sized harness will fit dogs that weight in between fifty and eighty pounds and have a neck that measures around eighteen to thirty inches with a chest measurement of twenty-four to thirty-four inches.

The extra-large harness fits dogs with a neck that measures in at twenty-four to thirty-five inches, a chest that is twenty-eight to forty-four inches and an overall weight of eighty to a hundred and ten pounds.

The quick release buckles allow the owner to easily and quickly take the harness off or on.

This harness is also compatible with a seatbelt and can be used to restrain a dog in the car in order to prevent them from distracting the driver.

The harness is made from seatbelt webbing in addition to a composite of similar materials.

The harness works by slipping over the dog’s head, locking around the torso. Owners will enjoy a total of five adjustment points which will ensure that they get the perfect fit for their pet.

Smart Harness Pros and Cons

Pros: Many consumers felt that the harness offered a good fit and described it as highly adjustable. The harness also does not apply pressure anywhere on the body that could cause sores or a rash if the dog is highly active or if you plan to take your dog jogging or running with you. This is a huge bonus for pet owners who are looking for a comfortable harness their pet can move freely in, without running into friction issues. Consumers also liked that the harness comes with an additional clip that can be used in the car with a seatbelt, to keep pets secure. Consumers also reported that this harness works well for pigs and cats. Pet owners also loved the loop located on the top of the harness, which allows them to reach down and pull their pet up in order to correct the dog’s actions without causing pain. The harness features different places to latch onto the leash, with the car tether located underneath the harness. In fact, many pet owners stated that this is the perfect model if you have a dog that’s an escape artist and is able to back out of a traditional harness design. This model is also a great option if you have a large breed dog with a reputation for chewing through their harness. This model remains in the correct adjustment point, even when it gets wet.

Cons: Buyers had complaints regarding the quality of the buckles, which are made from a cheap plastic material. Many consumers stated that the buckles stuck often. You will also notice that the harness seems much thinner than other models in this price range, offering less padding as well. This is definitely not a harness that’s designed for intense activity. Equipped with two D rings, the user can choose to clip the leash to the front of the harness or the top. Some consumers complained that when the leash was clipped to the front of the harness it would cause the harness to move and shift easily, requiring the user to constantly fix it. Another issue involved the girth strap, which prevents the harness from slipping and sliding side to side. Unfortunately, the snap constantly pops open and doesn’t seem to prevent the harness from sliding, even when it remains closed.

Consumers who are searching for a top-selling heavy-duty tactile harness, which is much stronger, will love the OneTigris tactical dog Molle vest harness, which is offered at a comparable price.

Kurgo Training Dog Harness Conclusion and Rating

Overall, consumers were pretty satisfied with Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness performance and quality. The option to use the harness for dogs who are just learning to walk on a leash was a big selling point for this model, as was the additional seatbelt clip which allows you to safely and securely transport your pet. Dog owners who purchased the harness gave it a rating of four stars out of five stars for low pricing, solid construction and the extra features that allow the harness to grow with your pet.


4 thoughts on “Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking Harness Review”

  1. Day 1. I attached this to my monster 130 pound Rottweiler. We proceeded to embark (pun intended) on our best walk in years. We came across other dogs, squirrels, and mailmen. None were devoured and my arms remain comfortably in their sockets. Not only was pulling nearly impossible for him, this harness also forced the beast to stay pretty close to my side instead of lagging behind or lunging ahead, Quality seems good but we’ll see how this holds up in another month or two.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This harness is exactly what I needed for my Doberman. He weighs over half as much as I do and when he sees a squirrel he forgets every command he knows and wants to chase them. But I have control when he’s wearing his harness. He was trained by someone else with a spike collar before we got him and they gave us the collar but I just don’t like to use it. He had a spot on the front of his neck where he had lost fur from it. I love the loop on top that I can just reach down and pull him up a little to correct his actions without hurting him. I also love that it has different places to latch things onto like a leash on top and the car tether underneath. I don’t use the tether it came with because I already had one. But my husband uses it in his car. This has been convenient as we don’t have to take them out of the car every time one of us wants to take him in a different car. Also the fit is perfect. Dobermans are well known for being large chested and I was concerned it would be too small But it fits wonderfully. After using it while I walk my dog with a couple of friends who also have large dogs, they ordered them for their dogs too. We LOVE this harness!

  3. Loving this new medium sized harness for our 43 pound Beaglemation.First impressions out of the box was this is made using high quality webbing and buckles. Th medal connectors (which take all the force when your dog pulls) are super stout. The quick release buckles are plastic, but they are good quality and only keep the chest strap in placez not taking any direct force. The included seat belt tether looks rock solid and could also be used as a super short training leash if your dog is tall enough.Adjustment only took a few minutes and was easy enough.. Haven’t had to adjust it again.. And the fit very stable. The last harness I had kept spinning from side to side (as my dog loves to pull off trail and into the woods looking for rabbits), but this one really stays in place., I think because the wider material under her neck, instead of just a thin strap.I also like that you can adjust the overall length using two different positions that the chest strap snaps into (although this isn’t mentioned on Amazon, or even in the instructions). This allows for a better fit, and keeps the strap from rubbing up against the back of your dog’s legs.

  4. After researching a lot of reviews of dog car restraints and safety test results I purchased the Kurgo Tru-Fit. Our German Shepherd puppy was 11 weeks and 18-20 lbs when I purchased it so I went with the medium. When it arrived, I fitted it to her which was basically tightening all the straps to the tightest they would go. While it wasn’t a perfect fit, it was good enough to keep her secure (and comfortable) in the back seat and also on walks.The harness is well made and there hasn’t been any fraying of the fabric. It is extremely easy to use. Step 1 – put it over the head. Step 2 – snap the two buckles into place around her torso. That’s it – which is PERFECT for a squirmy puppy!!Fast forward one week and she is now 25 lbs and it fits even better (note – I have not loosened any of the straps to make it bigger yet). Talking to other dog owners who have purchased this makes me realize we will need to purchase the large at some point. However, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. For extra ease, I keep the carabiner hooked onto the center back seat belt so that all we have to do is put her in the car, clip it onto her harness and away we go!

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