Our passion is providing quality products for pets.

Keeping your dog safe and secure with quality products is our only purpose. We can agree that quality beats price any day.

Team Tested and Team Approved

Our team is comprised of well-researched and accurate representations of items and products. If you find any information that is contradictory to that we would love to update our records. Being real people we sometimes make a mistake and we appreciate you understanding that.

Meet the Team

Our researchers have dug deep, not let shiny or squeaky things distract them, and found the best products for you

kellie my little and large pet products marketplace

Kellye Thomas

As a passionate dog trainer, she brought her knowledge of canine abilities and created a place where the research is done for you.

hope my little and large pet products marketplace

Hope Dawson

Hope has always loved and respected large breed and tactical dogs and enjoys finding the best products to share with you!

danielle my little and large pet products marketplace

Danielle Hughes

Dani has was a prolific writer in college and couldn’t put her keyboard down. We are happy to have her on staff as one of our team writers.

mark my little and large pet products marketplace

Mark Rogers

Mark has published for several well-known syndication networks and has been writing for over 10 years. His passions definitely include dogs! We have a passion for dogs

We Have A Passion For Dogs

Especially those who are in the service of protecting us and our law enforcement and military. For that reason, we want to make sure that every product that we recommend is proved and of the utmost quality. We create honest, data-driven reviews on tactical dog harnesses. Our reviews are to the point to save you time and provide you with the best information without any filler.

We research and manually read hundreds of reviews and then summarize them into a simple list of pros and cons for your convenience.

Each product gets a Final Score of 1-100 that is calculated from the # of reviews the product has from all over the web, the quality of reviews, and finally our opinion on the product.

We’re passionate about tactical dog products

We are a small team with a big passion.

We get excited when a new product is released and love digging into the details to compare products and reviews. Like a dog with a bone, we break down the information into easy-to-read chunks. Nibble and chew on our reviews to get the most out of them.

Why trust us?

Many review sites are automated, they are manufactured and contrived. As a consumer, we know that you are smarter than all that. We don’t want you to be manipulated by someone with creative writing without actually reviewing the products!

We want to be YOUR resource for products that you can depend on. We believe in clarity and simplicity. Our reviews contain a clear Pros/Cons section, a simple summary, the product specs laid out clearly and easily to understand, an informal writing style (so you get it!), and an FAQ section to dig in with filled with the questions you have been asking. For those of you who want a more visual reference of the product, we post video reviews.

The format is always the same so you can compare different products and get the all details you’re looking for easily.

Real people with honest reviews

Real reviews from real users, the no b.s. The kind that you are looking for. Not created to make us look good.

We know that automation is great and can speed up many processes, but to understand what is truly a great product, not all computer programs can pull the information out. This is why we take the time to sort and organize the reviews for you.

As a team, we’ve spent thousands of hours in the industry and we are proud and excited to share our expertise with you on what we love and are passionate about.

Thanks for your support!!