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No matter how efficient all those dog training deals were when you potty-skilled your puppy, “When dogs gotta go, a dogs gotta go.” For numerous homes, a pet door makes sense. When deciding whether to install a dog patio door, animal moms and dads are generally interested in 2 main questions– whether a dog door is safe for their dog and whether it is safe for their home security.

best pet patio doors my little and large pet products marketplaceInstalling a patio dog door can be a wise and hassle-free service for you and your dog, as long as you select a top-quality door that fits your dog’s requirements and your home’s building and construction. At Petco, you’ll discover basic doggie doors for standard wooden doors and many family pet doors for moving glass door alternatives or even a screen door with a dog door.

Patio Dog Doors And Door

And you don’t need a wooden back door to set up a tough pet door. Petco has alternatives for back entrances of all kinds, including patio dog doors and moving screen doors with a dog door.

What Are the Different Sort Of Sliding Glass Door Pet Doors?

Moving door dog doors are ending up being progressively popular among pet owners who wish to give their dog the liberty to come and go without requiring to cut a hole in their back entrance or wall.

However, while this pet door design is becoming even more popular, many do not know that not all dog doors for moving glass doors are the same! There are 2 different moving pet door designs that you can set up in your house: patio panels and “In the Glass” animal doors.

A patio panel pet door is a sliding glass door insert with a pre-installed pet door that uses space in your sliding door track. They install in minutes and are an excellent choice for a non-permanent setup.

Aluminum and vinyl frame panels are offered to match your slider.

What Are The Main Benefits Of A Patio Panel Pet Door?

There are plenty of functions that make patio panels a more practical choice for lots of animal owners, such as:

Quick Installation

Unlike other family pet doors, setting up a moving dog door insert takes just a few minutes. All you need to do is put the panel in your moving door track and loosen the screws at the top of the panel to raise it into the upper track.

The adjustable height ranges permit you to set up many different track heights (you can acquire a height extension piece for taller moving doors). Patio panels can be removed as rapidly, making them the ideal option for rental and vacation homes or to take with you if you move quickly.

Check out the monorail adapter for a smooth setup if you have a monorail sliding door track.

Weather condition Resistance

The weather resistance of your patio panel depends greatly on what brand name you get and what energy-effective features it features.

Thermo Panel is among the few sliding glass door dog door insert out there with energy-efficient dual-pane, Low-E glass that keeps the damaging UV light and heats out of your home much better than the single pane patio panels currently readily available on the market. It is also made with a durable aluminum frame that provides superior insulation to patio panels made with plastic frames. You can likewise increase its insulation by applying adhesive weather-stripping to the frame.

Look at the Extreme Weather Condition Vinyl Sliding Glass Dog Door for a super-insulated patio panel dog door, which features a double flap for added weather condition resistance. This sliding glass dog door insert is made to fit perfectly into a vinyl-framed moving door track.

Look at our complete list of sliding glass pet door patio panels for more severe weather condition resistance options.


One concern that comes up with patio panels is security.

A patio pet door for sliding glass doors can’t be eliminated from the outdoors, and every purchase features a track lock or pins lock to protect the panel into the moving door track. You can also add a C-Clamp lock or Charley Bar for included security.

What Are The Main Advantages Of The Pet Door Guys’ “In The Glass” Pet Door?

Compared to patio panels, setting your moving glass door dog door straight into its glass pane can be more expensive and prompt. “Through the Glass” pet doors come with numerous advantages that patio panels do not have, such as:

Protect Setup

This Door includes the same insulation as the patio panels, but you get a whole pane of glass to change half of your slider instead of a single panel. The installation process is similar to having a shattered pane of glass replaced, only the new pane will have a pet door pre-installed. This indicates that it also makes for a great French door dog door.

You’ll require to call your regional glazier to determine your sliding glass door. Once you have those measurements, submit an “In the Glass” order form so the manufacturer can make your personalized sliding glass dog door.

Maximum Weather Condition Resistance

Considering that the “In the Glass” pet door replaces an existing pane of glass, there are no spaces to let heat and cold into your home. The Endura Flap pet door is also the best on the marketplace for weather resistance and will stay sealed in extreme heat, wind, and cold.


The “In the Glass” pet door works with your existing moving door lock, so it is the safest sliding door pet door option.

This integrated dog door also permits you to preserve full use of your slider. Whereas the width of a patio panel cuts into the width of the door track– decreasing the space left when the slider is opened– the “In the Glass” door preserves the look and feel of your initial moving door.