About Training Programs

In-home dog training programs will offer rehabilitation solutions and behavior modification training that allows you to work with and educate your pet in the comfort of your home. Trainers will work with pets to help owners effectively communicate and understand their dogs in order to resolve behavior problems and other training challenges. Many of these trainers work with pet owners who have aggressive dogs, pet owners who are ready to surrender their pets, or owners who have worked with other trainers without any success. From the simplest to the most severe cases, these home trainers can help pet owners to prevent or fix behavioral problems in a calm, familiar environment. Trainers will also teach owners how to train their dogs in real-world settings, providing pets with the confidence and the freedom to go anywhere without anxiety or stress.

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Dog Home Behavioral Training Programs

Basic training programs will teach pets the come command, how to walk on a leash without pulling, how to stop eliminating in the home, stop any aggressive behavior, and will also deal with chewing, dipping, and other unwanted behaviors. Other issues such as jumping, mounting nuisance barking, excessive licking, and play biting will also be addressed.

With at-home training programs, a trainer will travel to a client’s home and spend several hours training a dog in order to ensure that they become a well-mannered member of the family. At-home training packages will allow trainers to work with their clients on a one-on-one basis and observe how they act in their natural environment. The training sessions will involve walks in the neighborhood, focused training exercises, and socialization exercises if necessary. Once a week, a trainer will work with the owner and other family members to show them what their pet has learned and accomplished during that week’s training session. This session will also give the pet owner the opportunity to get advice on how to maintain good behaviors and the training that’s been instilled each week.

Training in the home is the perfect choice for busy pet owners who don’t have time to make it to scheduled group training courses. The best dog harness might be needed for the training.

Basic training packages will cost around five hundred dollars for a three-week program. This basic program will teach a dog how to heel on a leash, sit, come and stay. This program will also deal with common behavior problems such as jumping up on visitors, stealing, bolting out the door, housebreaking, and pulling on the leash. These programs usually consist of three phases of training.

Advanced training programs will cost about eight hundred dollars for a three to a four-week program that’s designed for dogs that are already trained in basic leash commands. This program will teach a dog how to heel, stay, come, down and obey without being on a leash. This type of advanced program will address a number of unwanted behaviors such as bolting out the door, jumping up on people, housebreaking issues, and counter-surfing. An off-leash training program will take a dog through three phases of training which will gain their attention and focus during the normal day-to-day distractions at home. This type of training will allow more control for the owner, which in turn will result in more freedom for the dog.

A total training program will have a cost that ranges from a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars and will consist of six solid weeks of training that’s designed for the dog that has had little or no previous training. The program will teach a dog the basic obedience commands, in addition to dealing with behavior problems such as bolting out the door, nuisance barking, jumping up on people, housebreaking, chasing cars, stealing, and aggressive behaviors. This total training program will also go over the correction phase, teaching phase, and the proofing stage which will help the dog to learn how to focus with distractions in their environment.

The behavior modification program is a customized option that’s designed to fit the needs of the owner and dog who are dealing with extreme behavior problems. This program specializes in rehabilitating such problems as dominance aggression, shyness, biting, dog aggression, territorial aggression, fearfulness, and marking. This program is four weeks in length and will have a cost that ranges from five hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars.

Benefits of Training your Dog at Home

A dog lives in a home with a family and this environment is where he or she will misbehave the most often, so this is where training will be the most effective. A dog will learn by association. Dog trainers who specialize in home training will teach a dog how to listen in their home environment. If he or she doesn’t listen well at home, they definitely will not listen outside of their territory.

Every dog is an individual, so most trainers will vary their approach based on a dog’s temperament and personality and what will work best for each dog. Trainers will also vary behavior training in order to suit the lifestyle and needs of the family, what the owner does and doesn’t want a dog to do, and the dog’s environment.

Their positive training methods are threat-free, pain-free, and won’t require the owner to use any type of training tool. Pronged collars, spray collars, and shock collars are also not used. Instead, trainers focus on teaching owners how to effectively communicate with the pet using voice tones and body language in order to get the dog to focus on and respect their owner.

In-Home Dog Training programs are extremely convenient for the owner, who will no longer have to drive to weekly group training courses and they’re perfect for dogs who experience high-stress levels in clinical environments. These training programs are fast and effective and can take place with or without the owner present. Many companies that offer these services also offer a discount on multiple dogs in the same home. Look for programs that offer free ongoing training advice and checkups for the life of the dog.

In-Home Dog Training Programs Recommended For Pets