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rottweiler dog
RUGER and Jay

Trainer and Trainee

“With a demanding, tough
dog, we have put the
harness through rigorous testing. Passed. “

AYDEN and John
Personal Use

“Ayden is not a tactical
breed as an ASD, but his
power and strength need quality products that

THOR and Rick
Tactical Trainer

We needed a harness
that worked and lasted.
We found it!”

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Care Instructions

*Remove the collar before getting your dog wet, swimming, or bath time.
*If your dog must wear a collar in the water, be sure to remove any extra attachments, or pouches
*Most items are made of nylon and mesh materials, with metal and plastic for buckles.
*Damp cloth and a mild soap work best for most dirt and debris.
*Remove any pouches and attachments from the collar, you may then either wipe down or soak your collar, depending on the level of cleaning it requires.
*Use lukewarm water with some dish soap!
*Let the harness air dry before placing it back on your dog (wet materials my cause chaffing)
*Remove all patches, accessories, etc. Vacuum the entire harness and follow up with brushing the excess hair off, then repeat until desired cleanliness. (Yes, Vacuum, it’s the easiest way to remove dog hair)
*If extra mud or debris needs cleaned off, use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

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Our Favorite Products

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