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What Are The Two Most Important Public Pet Safety Rules

Everyone knows the common hazards to our beloved pets. You have to worry about feeding them healthy food, in order to ensure they grow and stay healthy. You have to keep them from digging in the yard, or from getting into fights. You have to teach them when it’s okay to go outside and when it’s not.

But one thing people don’t often consider is the importance of pet safety in public. This does involve your pets’ interactions with other people, but also with other pets. In addition, there are some issues you may need to be aware of whenever you take your pets out in public that might cause a danger to your pets.

Always Use A Leash

Yes, your cat hates using a leash. Yes, your dog is well trained and would never runoff. Of course, your pet wouldn’t dream of causing any problems, and it’s perfectly safe to let them off the leash.

Only it isn’t. Cats are known to kill wild animals for no reason other than that they can. This can cause a number of problems with the local ecosystem. On the plus side, cats don’t usually need walks.

Dogs need plenty of outdoor exercises. And no matter how well trained your dog may be, you can never depend on how well trained other people’s dogs may be. If someone else’s dog decides to get territorial and attack, it’s much easier to prove your dog wasn’t at fault if you have a leash.

And of course, other people are a problem. There are plenty of people out there who will steal a dog. Dog thieves sell the dogs to dogfighting rings. Or sometimes they simply sell them as pets. If your dog has a leash, you won’t have to worry about them getting grabbed.

Keep Up To Date On Vet Visits

Once again, this is a safety tip as much for your pets’ protection against others as it is to protect others. You never know what might have happened with other people’s pets, and that means you can never be sure what problems your own pet is picking up. Ticks, lice, mites, ringworm, there are plenty of diseases that can ruin your pets’ quality of life as well as their health.

Keeping your papers up to date means you can prove you’re doing your job if a problem occurs. If someone wants to claim your pet caused some health issue, you can prove your pet has been taken care of. It’s hard to argue with regular immunization!

Many people put off going to the veterinarian, or have some justification or another for not using a leash. Unfortunately, these decisions can lead to a huge amount of pain and suffering for everyone involved. You never know when you might have to end up paying for vet fees because you didn’t keep a leash on your pets. In the worst case, you might find that your beloved pet has died. That’s a terrible thing for anyone to deal with, especially when it’s avoidable.

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What Are The Most Important Public Pet Safety Rules

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