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Types of Dog Harnesses

There are many different types of dog harnesses available on the market, all with various purposes. Some are made for training your pet, while others are made for walking.

The type of harness you choose will depend on your dog’s size, weight, and temperament. If your dog pulls excessively on the lead when walking, then a front clip style harness will help to prevent pulling. If your dog has respiratory problems or trouble breathing with a collar around the neck, a vest harness might be more appropriate with a back clip.

Let’s take a look at a few options of different types of dog harnesses.

Strap Harness – Lightweight Dog Harnesses

This harness consists of straps that are pretty lightweight but are not always ideal for some dogs. They can be a bit uncomfortable and cause sores or chaffing. With any harness, you should always check the dog to ensure that it fits properly to prevent wounds from movement.

The Best Dog Harnesses are used to control, guide, or restrain animals by placing the harness around the animal’s body. A strap harness is a harness made up of two straps that go over the shoulders and under the front legs. Strap harnesses are attached to a leash at each shoulder. They are typically made of nylon or leather for durability and to prevent slippage.

A strap harness should have just enough slack to allow you to prevent your dog from pulling without risking choking them. And your dog should be able to swallow easily while wearing it.

A strap harness is a comfortable type of dog harness that is adjustable and wraps around the chest or torso of the dog. It provides good control over the dog, though it may not be ideal for pulling on a leash because it can slip off.

Front Clip – Best for Training

Front clip harnesses are best for dogs that pull when on leash. The leash attaches to the chest strap typically by a D ring. The chest strap provides a physical restraint. This keeps your dog in check while also making it easier for you to control their movements. While a front clip harness helps prevent your dog from pulling, they need proper training and consistency to learn not to pull.

Back Clip – Best for Walking

The back clip harness is also known as a walking harness. It is designed to attach around the animal’s chest. This type of harness has a look similar to a vest on the dog. It is great for small dogs that have delicate neck areas. This design helps to keep pressure off of an animal’s throat.

The back clip also prevents any pulling behavior by distributing weight better to prevent any injuries. This style is very common among dog owners as it is easy to clip a leash, too as well.

There are padded and unpadded harnesses and harnesses that can be left on the dog at all times. Take a look around, and we are certain that you will find a dog harness that is right for your training goals.

Different Types of Dog Harnesses

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