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What is the Best Dog Harness for Training?

The best dog harness for training is quality dog harnesses that have some substance to them. There are a ton of different K9 harness options out there. However, the ones that are made of straps that are similar to the ratchet straps you use to keep your RV on the trailer don’t look very comfortable. Would you want to wear that?  When you are looking at dog harnesses, you should consider comfort. These are typically on the dog for a length of time and can cause irritation. Be sure that you find one that is made for your breed and the size of the dog.

For example, you might have a small breed dog such as a Shih Tzu. However, they tend to have a much broader chest than that of a small breed such as a Chihuahua. Because of this, you will need a harness that will accommodate a larger chest. Always look at the size and design of the harness to decide if that one is a good fit for your breed of dog. The best dog harness for training is one that has a proper fit for your dog. If you are not sure, measure your dog to find out what the right size would be. Many of these dog harnesses are adjustable to a degree.

Finding a Good Dog Harness for Training

The best dog harness for training is one that will move with your dog. You don’t want any areas that are going to cause uncomfortable rubbing. It is similar to you finding a good pair of shoes. When you have purchased a harness, check every so often to be sure that the harness is not causing sores under and near the straps. When actively training you might be moving around a lot and this can begin to irritate their skin rather quickly. Be sure that you check often when you are first using a dog harness.

When training you will have to teach your dog the proper way to walk and run beside you. Some dogs will be natural to this. However, most dogs will be pulled at first, which makes a harness so nice in training. You have more control of the dog and you won’t accidentally choke the dog when you are resisting their pull. The harness has a loop typically in the middle of the shoulder blades or center of the back. Sometimes there is a loop for our leash on the collar portion or under the chin as well. The loop needs to be at the center of the dog or between the shoulder blades for optimum control.

If you are looking for the best dog harness for training take your time. What dog harness works for one, might not work for another. Your dog’s size and energy will also be factors in determining which is best for your situation. If you have a dog that has a lot of energy and is going to be pulling and running, you will need to find a harness that is made with quality materials. If you are going to do some training at night, you might want a dog harness that has reflectors on it, so the cars can see you and your dog. There are many considerations for a good dog harness, finding the perfect one for yours has never been easier with so many options online.

What is the Best Dog Harness for Training?

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