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What Is A Dog Harness?

A dog harness is a type of leash attachment primarily made up of straps that go around the dog’s torso. It is used to guide, hold, or lift the dog. Compared to the traditional dog collar, a dog harness offers a safer, more secure, and more comfortable way of hooking up your dog to its leash. Rather than concentrating the weight and pressure of the leash around the neck area, the harness distributes it over a larger surface area of the dog’s body (the chest and shoulders), which helps to prevent neck strain and choking. The dog harness offers plenty of benefits that help to overcome most of the shortcomings of the dog collar, making it a more popular option.

The dog harness gives you better control of your pet and helps to discourage pulling behavior, making it a highly useful tool to have in your dog training equipment.

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  • ALL WEATHER MESH Made with a soft breathable air mesh this lightweight pet harness is perfect for walks all year round
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  • Ultra Safety Design: The pet harness is composed of tough, abrasion-resistant Oxford fabric with reinforced stitching for added...
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What are the Benefits of A Dog Harness?

If you’ve never used a dog harness before, you might be wondering whether it is really worth it to make the switch. In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the key benefits of a dog harness.

Gives You Better Control of Your Dog

One big downside to using a traditional dog collar is that it is harder to control or manage your dog without increasing the risk of injury. If you want to direct your dog in a certain direction or want to prevent them from doing something, especially if you have to do it quickly, applying force on the leash can cause the collar to dig deep into the dog’s neck leading to neck injuries or chocking.
On the other hand, a dog harness minimizes the risk of injury to the dog by distributing the pressure over a larger area and gives you better control of your pet by directing the dog’s movement through its chest and shoulders. In addition, some dog harnesses come with a handle, which allows you to easily and safely lift your dog. This is very useful when assisting your dog over barriers or when you want to keep them in check.

Discourages Pulling

With a leash and a collar, the dog learns that pulling allows them to move forward. With time, this habit can become ingrained and you end up with a dog that is constantly pulling on its leash. However, with a harness, pulling doesn’t achieve the expected result. When the dog pulls, what often happens is that their front paws end up in the air and the tension on the lease directs them back towards the owner. As a result, this discourages pulling behavior.

Avoids Putting Pressure on Your Dog’s Neck

If your dog suffers from neck injuries, restricted airways, a collapsing trachea, proptosis, or spinal cord issues, it is highly recommended that you avoid using a collar. A dog harness can help avoid the development of such issues.

A Harness is More Secure

Due to the way dog harnesses are designed, they fasten more securely around the dog’s body which helps to prevent unnecessary accidents as is the case with dog collars. Dogs, especially those whose neck is the same size as their heads, can easily slip out of their collar and run into traffic or attack other people.

What are the Cons of a Dog Harness?

Same as with any other product, the dog harness has its downsides. However, there are a lot fewer negative things to say about the dog harness.

Can be Uncomfortable for Your Dog

Since harnesses are bulkier than dog collars, they can prove to be uncomfortable to your dog. Your dog can take time to get used to one.

May Not Have A Place for An ID Tag

It is very important for your dog to always have ID tag containing your address and/or contact details when outside. Unfortunately, some dog harnesses don’t have a place to attach an ID tag. So, ensure that you find a harness with a ring for a tag

Less Convenient

Unlike a dog collar which can be easily and quickly slipped on, fastening a dog harness can be cumbersome and often takes time.

When It Is Absolutely Necessary to Consider A Dog Harness

There are a number of situations where a dog harness is more of a necessity than an option. These include;

  • If your dog suffers from tracheal collapse. A dog collar applies more pressure to the neck region and can worsen the condition.
  • If your dog is a brachycephalic breed. These types of dogs have a flatter face, and thus face a higher risk of respiratory issues.
  • If your dog suffers from orthopedic disease. If your dog often struggles to get up after lying down, a dog harness can be very helpful.
  • If your dog belongs to a breed with risk factors for spinal problems. Dogs with long bodies are at a particularly higher risk of developing spinal cord issues. Thus, by minimizing the pressure on the neck and back and providing adequate support, you can help alleviate these issues.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to purchasing a dog harness. You just need to ensure that you find the size and type for your dog to ensure maximum benefits.

Choosing a Dog Harness – Best Ones and How to Use

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