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10 Solid Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Dogs or cats? Which is better for you as a pet? This age-old debate always leads to heated conversations between animal lovers. Some homes have both, but many go with one or another. The dog owners are right, though, for many reasons. Here are 10 solid reasons why dogs are far better than cats.

1) Training Dogs Is Easier:

One reason dogs prove popular is that they train easier than cats. Dogs can be taught tricks, manners, behaviors, and commands. You can do this for protection, safety, obedience, and even simple amusement. Dogs love training because they love having tasks and being part of a pack. Cats can be trained some, but once they bore, they’ll swat the treat out of your hand and run off with it.

2) Dogs Offer Protection:

Dogs will guard your home against burglars and strangers, but cats aren’t going to do this. They’re timid and prone to running off when someone strange comes in. Even the tiniest of dogs have heart, and their audible bark is enough to make some burglars go break into someone else’s home. Many dogs will even wake you up if there’s a fire, which is practically unthinkable for a cat to do.

3) Loyalty:

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. They’ll tilt their heads, trying to understand your words while making you feel better when you’re sad. Cats are just going to ignore you and nap some more. Dogs are such social creatures that their relaxed owners tend to have lower blood pressure and longer lifespans, even when living alone, compared to those who don’t own any pets.

4) Your Dog Keeps You Fit:

Dogs have to walk, which means you probably get to walk too. Walking is a low-impact cardio form that works wonders for your legs, low back, and midsection. One study even found that seniors owning dogs walked an average distance of a mile per day.

5) Dogs Get You Laughing:

Whether intentionally or otherwise, you laugh at your dog or, hopefully, with him. One pilot study looked into this, studying 95 people across dog owners, cat owners, and those without pets. Among the three groups, dog owners laughed most frequently. Cat owners laughed less regularly than those without pets, so there’s some statistical evidence that cats are downers!

6) Dogs Are Tech-Savvy!

Cats are savvy enough to rip all the tissues out of a box and rip them to shreds, but some dogs are technologically advanced enough to recognize and even respond to various written commands on a tablet, such as ‘sit.’ A few have even started mastering selfies. A company based in the UK offers training sessions so your dog can learn how to take beautiful photos of himself just by nose-swiping the screen!

7) Dogs Come In All Sizes:

You can fill your tiny apartment with the relentless heat of a Chihuahua or let majestic Great Pyrenees roam your mansion. There’s a dog size suitable to your needs and preferences somewhere along the scale.

8) Dogs Are Heroes:

The discerning noses of dogs make them very useful in all kinds of crime-fighting applicants, whether it’s manhunts for fugitives, finding missing kids, or sniffing out bombs. Medical applications are under research too. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania are training German Shepards and Golden Retrievers how they can sniff out ovarian cancer.

9) Dogs Might Prevent Asthma And Allergies:

Kids exposed to ‘dog dust’ might have lower risks of developing asthma and allergies later in life. That’s based on research conducted on mice. Dog dust looks like it has microbes that influence how many immune cells wind up responding to allergens.

10) Dogs Don’t Use Litter Boxes:

Well, if they do, something went wrong along the way. Even those who love cats hate litter boxes. Regardless of how well-maintained they are, the smell lingers, and the litter gets tracked all over their home. Finding the ideal spot for a litter box is also problematic in a small house. Dogs get to be house-trained, and most will stick to their schedule. They’ll wait to do business during a walk or in the yard. It’s only necessary to pick up their poop, but cat owners must deal with urine in litter boxes. Poop isn’t so nasty with the suitable bags or pooper scooper. It’s still not that glorious, but it’s better than dealing with things inside your home.

Cat owners could probably point out a few reasons cats are better than dogs, but they’re too busy pulling dead mice out of their slippers. If you train your dog right, he’ll fetch you yours.

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