Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness

  • 3 Detachable Pouches includes 2 daily using pouches and Water Bottle Cover (Water Bottler Not Included)ultrafun tactical dog harness my little and large pet products marketplace
  • 1050 Military Nylon Fabric and Webbing, KAM Plastic Button, High-Quality Zipper, and 9 Strands Paracord
  • Military Molle Designed for adding extra pouches or accessories; fully adjustable chest and belly straps
  • Top Handle and Metallic Leash Buckle for controlling your pet easily; Velcro Panel for personalizing your furry friend
  • Adjustable Neck & Chest Straps. Please check the size chart before ordering. And it’s FULLY ADJUST of the straps, please try best to adjust it.

Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness Customer Reviews

G – Ended up returning because the harness/vest wouldn’t stay straight on a working dogs back without constant adjustments that interfered with the dog’s job. The straps would loosen and the vest/harness would slip around with the dogs movement. We didn’t even try using it with the bags. Probably better suited for pets rather than working dogs. The bags seemed nice and well made. Just make sure that the dog has equal weight on both sides of its body when using the bags.

Manny Ruiz – I took my dog out with this harness for the first time this past weekend and we received plenty of compliments. Rocky is a medium-built 70lbs dog and the Large size I ordered fit him perfectly with plenty of adjusting space.

Amanda P. – This harness is really amazing, as is the company. We bought a medium for our 70lb German shepherd and it was a little too small. We contacted the company, they promptly sent us a large and told us to keep the medium to give to someone who needs one. We would highly recommend this company for one, the vest is definitely a yes. Great quality and fits perfectly. I would buy this again.

Nick – First time I used it my dog ripped of the clip on the back. I use this for my jeep when the top is off and for walks. We have been attaching it to the handle for the last 6 months and it is now ripping out as well. The seam along the top is also ripping apart. If you use it for just walks I’m sure it’s fine, but I got this so I could secure my dog in my jeep and it isn’t the quality I expected.

KLS – Based on the measurements listed here, I ordered a size XL for my 80 lb labrador retriever and it was way to big so I contacted the seller and they were really helpful. They didn’t have the color I wanted in the smaller size so they said they would send me one when it was back in stock. A few days later I noticed it was back in stock so I contacted the seller again and they sent out the vest that same day and within a couple of days I got it. The large fits my dog a lot better. It is still a little lose in the front but he’s still growing so I think it will eventually fit him perfectly! Overall it looks and feels like a good durable vest!

NavyChiefWife – **Did not receive water bottle holder, but pouches are pretty roomy**
I received this harness fairly quickly, which is always a plus in my book. But upon opening the box I immediately realized that they had failed to include the water bottle holder. I was sorely disappointed because I really wanted a water bottle holder so I can take my medications wherever I go (the harness is for my service dog). I couldn’t find how to contact the seller anywhere so I had to reach out to amazon. They weren’t very helpful. All they did was offer me a tiny discount, definitely not enough to cover what I’m now going to have to spend on purchasing a water bottle holder separately.
Another issue I’m having with the harness is with the straps. I tightened them to where the vest fits my dog, but they are super slick and slide with barely any movement, which ends up making the harness too loose. The straps are also way too long (which I know you can cut and burn the ends but I’d rather not just yet because my dog still has a little growing left to do). I wish there was at least some type of rubber stopper that could be used with the straps so they would stop sliding. If I can’t figure out how to prevent it from loosening, then I’ll have to buy a different harness from somewhere else. This is upsetting as I really do like this harness overall.
So now that I’ve explained my dislikes, let me explain what I love about it. The pouches that came with it give me plenty of space to store my thick, 6in long wallet, my iPhone X, my keys, 2 regular-sized pill bottles, emergency medical information card, hand sanitizer, and 2 tampons + 1 pad. For me, this is a godsend. Carrying a purse around was causing problems for me, so having my service dog now able to carry these things for me while also helping me with my disabilities is extremely helpful and a huge relief. The only problem I’ve had was that one of the pouches on its own is heavier, so if I don’t load my stuff just right with the weight distributed evenly, then the whole harness can slide to one side, but this is an easy fix. Just pay attention to how you load your dog’s harness up.
Another thing I like about this harness is that it has Velcro so I can put my patches on it. I don’t know how many times someone has tried to touch my service dog, which is dangerous because it distracts her from her job. Now I can put the “do not touch” patch on her harness so people will be warned. I can also put my “emergency info inside” patch on the pouch where my medication and information is so if I go down paramedics or bystanders are able to help me. I just wish the Velcro was larger, but this isn’t a big deal as I can add more myself.
Overall, I give this harness 4 stars. But I deducted 2 stars because 1. I didn’t get what I ordered (it’s missing the water bottle holder), and 2. The straps keep sliding causing the whole harness to loosen. If the company would have sent me that water bottle holder, or there was some way to stop the harness from loosening, then I would have bumped it up to 4 stars. But unfortunately, because of those issues, I can only rate this a 3-star harness.

Ultrafun Tactical Dog Harness Review

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