In many ways, a small dog is a lot easier to care for in comparison to a large dog. A small dog only requires a little bit of space, makes smaller poops, is cheaper to feed, and is easier to take with the family on a trip. However, there are a few challenges that a small dog owner may face. Perhaps one of the most frustrating challenges is locating a small dog harness. Therefore, the best small dog harness review should consist of some of the reasons for what to look for.

Some small dogs require a specially designed harness for specific tasks. A harness can provide various features such as required for therapy dogs, police dogs, or service dogs. Most small dogs, however, do not qualify for the above but there are a few smaller dogs in the +40 pound range that are working dogs and may require a special type of harness.

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Nevertheless, the best small dog harness review should include the following three things. The harness needs to keep them safe, properly fit their body type, and look extraordinarily stylish. Obviously, a small dog owner does not need to purchase a harness to prevent his small dog from dragging him/her here and there. Most small dog harnesses are strong enough to control the dog. However, it is still important to purchase a quality small dog harness so that an exuberant puppy, for example, does not break the harness and run away.

Purchasing a small dog harness is difficult when it comes to fitting properly and comfortably. A tiny dog, such as a Chihuahua, may find it difficult to find a harness that will suitably fit it. Then there are oddly shaped dogs, such as pugs, that require a special harness to fit the uniqueness of their body dimensions. For instance, the harness for a pug will need to avoid excessive pulling on their neck.

There have been some interesting studies that show that a small dog is happier and healthier when it is wearing fancy gear. The reason for this is unknown but perhaps it is simply the fact that people constantly compliment it and say how cute the little dog is in its fancy harness. Besides. maybe small dogs, like people, enjoy fashionable styling.

There are a few specific things that a dog owner should look for when purchasing a small dog harness. The first thing to consider is the material. The material should be comfortable and prevent chafing or other discomforts. Plush fabrics and meshes are typically featured by better products. However, even good-quality nylon webbing can be both affordable and comfortable.

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The dog harness should also have easy-to-operate fasteners, buckles, or clips. Obviously, the quality should be good enough to hold the dog securely and prevent it from slipping away. The fasteners, buckles, or clips should also be easy to disconnect or connect when necessary.

Many dog owners walk their pets in the evening. During low light conditions, it is important to keep your pet safe by making it as visible as possible. Therefore, look for a dog harness that features reflective tape, reflective stitching, or reflectors. You may even want to incorporate a LED dog collar onto the harness.

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The best small dog harness review should also include a list of various manufacturers that specialize in making top-quality harnesses for small dogs. When reviewing a small dog harness online, look for the section that lists the pros and cons. Also, take time to search for some of the testimonials that other dog owners have provided. In fact, most manufacturing companies have a website that will list their products and the specifications. Some of these websites will even include testimonials from happy or unhappy customers.

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