SPORT PET Designs Agility Training for Dogs – Affordable Training Kit

  • Everything you need to set up a fun, challenging agility course for your dogsport pet designs agility training for dogs affordable training kit review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • Great exercise for energetic pups and spry seniors alike? old dogs can learn new tricks!
  • Includes weave poles, course panels, round Tunnel, Blind Tunnel, adjustable high jump, and pause box
  • Light yet resilient plastic and polyester fabric construction pops open for easy setup
  • The instruction booklet includes helpful training tips to get your pet started


Product description

Looking for a new challenge to tackle with your loyal dog? Agility training gives fetch Masters a run for their money and old hounds a great way to keep active. This complete kit includes everything you need to start your dog on his pole-weaving, hurdle-jumping, tunnel-running way. The plastic and polyester construction is light, portable, and sets up in a snap, so a free hour in the afternoon can easily turn into agility training in the park. The full six-station course includes weave poles, hop-through panels, two tunnels, a high jump and a pause box. (The last one is a literal test of your dog’s patience!) You can get almost any pooch running the course with the helpful included training booklet, too – just add regular training and a happy heaping dose of encouragement.

SportPet 6 Piece Agility Kit

Develops control, confidence, fitness, and – most importantly – the bond between you and your loyal furry sidekick.

  • Weave poles, course panels, and jump courses work on agility
  • Round and blind tunnels develop confidence and speed
  • Pause box reinforces self-control
  • Lightweight plastic and polyester fabric construction
  • Handy pet training tips included

SPORT PET Designs Agility Training for Dogs – Affordable Training Kit Customer Reviews

sport pet designs agility training for dogs affordable training kit my little and large pet products marketplacetoReadistoEscape – I love this agility set for my puppy. It was a little difficult to put together because the parts were not labeled well. The square tunnel doesn’t stay up at all. the wire is very flimsy. the regular tunnel works outside because you anchor it in the ground. I had one for my kids that had wire going all the way through the tunnel instead of 1 circle of wire on each end. It would be better if the wire went spirling through the whole tunnel the plastic piece that holds the jump bar up broke. I am having difficulty contacting the vendor to purchase a replacement piece.

Larisa – After carefully browsing dog agility equipment I settled on this one because of it’s look — lightweight, nice and well designed! It does not disappoint. Set up was a breeze. My German Shepherd 5 mos old puppy was going through the course (not perfectly) by the end of day using her favorite treat to coax her along. She loved the interaction with me and my daughter, the stimulation and the exercise which wore her out (smile). Anyway, this is one of those items that surpassed expectations. We are loving it! Heidi says “WOOF” in approval as well!

jessie – Great beginner set. I was hesitant because these sets were either super expensive, or super cheap and I hardly trusted they would be any good. This set is a great one for the price. Loved it so far.

Sandra – Lots of items but very flimsy and easily knocked over. I do like the bag that comes with it and everything fits inside but takes way too long to put together and too flimsy to leave out. My dog would destroy it in a hot minute if I left him alone with it out.

QuecoSM – I guess this is why it is priced the way it is. Not a very good agility course. Product is cheaply made in my opinion. Returning for something better.

Paul Faubert – One of the tunnels that it came with the box one dosnt pop open so I can’t use it. The jump I also can’t use, the pole dosnt stay put and will fall down every time my dogs jumps it even if they don’t touch it. I can blow on it and it falls off.

R. Niceley – Good product but I feel it was a little expensive for what you get. But l think they all are over priced. My kids have played with it more than the dog! Easy to set up and take down. High jump could be more sturdy.

SPORT PET Designs Agility Training for Dogs – Affordable Training Kit for Dogs, red (CM-10026-CS01)