PETAC GEAR Tactical Dog Harness K9 Working Dog Vest

  • Breathable and lightweight mesh for comfort and ventilation. Designed with mil-spec webbing, hook, and loop. Load rating of 200 lbs.petac gear tactical dog harness k9 working dog vest review my little and large pet products marketplace Strip of hook&loop down the middle allows ID Panels to have full visibility, secondary metal V-ring toward the front of the harness, two rows of Molle. Customized quick-release buckles flush to material eliminates irritation and rubbing from buckles and straps. 3 secure-grip handles and sleek fit for service or other dogs requiring a uniform.
  • Benefits for dog – Fitted with a chest/belly pad- distributes dog’s weight for shifting during tracking, agitation. Well-ventilated for deep-chested or thick-coated working dogs susceptible to overheating. Breathable mesh to help keep your dog cool in hot climates. The comfortable slope from shoulder to mid-rib area and full range-of-motion in legs and chest for high-intensity tracking or search and rescue work. Compatible with modular pouches, hook packs/patches for complete outfitting.
  • Benefits for handler – Two top handles, and a low profile vertical center handle for easy lifting, lowering, and rappelling. Distributes your dog’s weight, putting pressure on the straps for a better lift and less pressure on you. Two V-shaped metal leash clips, one front, and one back are made of a durable and wear-resistant alloy. Convenient for you to clip your dog’s leash in different situations. The multiple grips allow for easy support of the dog in a variety of situations.
  • Full control and professional look for your dog. Perfect for training, searching, hiking, tracking, climbing protection bite work, etc. It is well suited for almost every terrain. And it doesn’t constrict his movements like jumping in and out of vehicles and he knows you’re “working” as soon as you put it on him. Great fit for active dogs. Without a vest of the highest quality, the dog is incomplete. At PETAC GEAR, Our goal is to produce vests that are of the same quality as your dog.
  • Please carefully measure the size of your dog’s Chest, Girth, and Ribs and refer to our sizing chart to choose the right size. Ideal for K9 such as German Shepherd(GSD), Belgian Malinois, Dutch Sheperd, Great Dane, Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Beagle, Labrador Retriever, German Shorthaired Pointer, Rottweiler, etc. A professional working dog vest for service, police or military dogs, and also a great choice for companion dogs when hunting, hiking, and do other outdoor sports.

Product Description

PETAC GEAR is Suitable for Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc.

Please measure the size carefully before purchasing this gift for your dog.

We Care for Every Detail to Bring Ultimate Comfort and Protection.

  • Nicely Padded Air Mesh keeps your dog cool and cozy all the time
  • The military dog vest uses military specification webbing and loops to ensure your dog’s safety during training, hunting, work and any other occasions.
  • Loop panel /mil-spec webbing/ breathable mesh
  • Wearing in all seasons is especially suitable for military dog harness tactics in summer
  • 6061 Aircraft Alloy
  • dog molle vest Strength up to 300KG


PETAC GEAR Tactical Dog Harness K9 Working Dog Vest Customer Reviews

Oliver Kingsley: My dog didnt like it very much, but hes super gear shy so I dont know if it was the vest, or just my dog being awkward. Really good quality though!

Kyl: Where are the hook in the loop panels to add patches and such and are they long to fit an 8x5x3 Because I have a couple patches that are that big and I’m worried if I purchased as it’s not gonna affect I don’t see any Velcro spots to add on any Of my patches on.

Logan O.: Harness is perfect for my German Shepard. I recommend buying extra padding for the front straps my dog got major burns from it rubbing up against his chest.

malvin: The product looks and feels fantastic. very strong I picked up my dog she weighs about 60 pounds, picked a ride up with the handle in the back I will do a video in a couple of weeks to follow up so you can see the wear and tear and she’s a working dog in training again awesome product so far.

Cèilidh Papillon: Seeing as there was only one review before me, I was a little hesitant to buy. I’ve have had my eye on the $260 Ray Allen Icon Air harness for over a year now. When I saw this I immediately recognized the design, but was skeptical seeing its price tag at only $50. I was concerned about the build quality and the quality of the materials used. I made the purchase as it was backed by Amazon, and was incredibly surprised when it arrived. It fit’s well, hardware; including plastic cobra buckles, metal V rings, as well as the molle webbing Velcro, and handles are all excellent quality. The “Air” version which has mesh on this is nice. All parts connect and function together well. This product also comes in the non “air” version without mesh, which has a more solid padded nylon backing. I have also placed an order for that and was completely satisfied. Pictured are both models. I am very observant when it comes to a quality product. I have purchased other tactical “knock offs” in the past and found flaws in all of them. Either being a strength flaw, poor stitching or design malfunction, to poor quality materials and hardware. I can say without hesitation that this product is made excellent in design a material, and craftsmanship. I have no idea how they can even afford to sell this for $50 when the materials alone are worth more. This purchase exceeded my expectations in every single way.

TM: I use this harness for my patrol dog. He’s seems very comfortable in it and the quality is very good. I’m very happy with this harness and it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than my other patrol harness from another manufacturer.


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PETAC GEAR Tactical Dog Harness K9 Working Dog Vest Review