PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training, No Pull Vest Harness for Medium Large Dogs

  • Escape-Proof, No-Pull, and Easier Control: Front D ring is sealed, sturdy and effective no pull to control your dog with less effort. 2pet artist tactical dog harness for hiking training review my little and large pet products marketplace back clips work with hooks well for different purposes, as well as to carry the dog with you when necessary. 1 longitudinal padded handle good for lifting up the dog with one hand to get over barriers during adventure hiking, training and outdoor mission. 2 durable nylon handles can grab the harness easily when walking in the crowd or lifting the dog up in case the dog is injured.
  • Molle System: Each side is built with 2 Molle straps hook and loop strips panel 3 nylon loops for attaching Molle pouches, accessories, ID panels, morale patches, dog folded bowl, poop bag dispenser, and more. The whole package comes with 1 tactical vest harness 1 waist pouch 1 tools pouch 1 EMT bag(with no emergency supplies in) 2 US flag patches. A GREAT SAVING for you.
  • Easy Comfortable Fit: Total 4 adjustment positions, make sure a fit wearing for your dog. The whole harness is soft Sponge breathable Mesh padded. Full coverage design protects the dog’s body and delicate belly well. Front D ring panel part through 2 legs, balanced properly, this vest won’t slide to one side and annoy the dog. Easy on and off.
  • Well Constructed and Very High Quality: 2 Metal heavy-duty buckles each 1000 LB proof-load tested. 2 nylon quick-release snaps each 125 LB proof-load tested. With hook and loop pad beneath the belly, double assure the load-bearing. All stitched parts are reinforced durably.
  • Size Information and Adjustable Sizing: M chest size: 20.5-27.6″, back size:14.5″; L chest size: 24.4-31.5″, back size: 16.5″, professional k9 training hiking walking for medium or large dogs in Training, Military, Police, Adventure Hiking and all outdoor dog breeds such as German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Doberman, Belgian Malinois, Labrador, Akita, and more. MEASURE your dog and refer to our SIZE CHART before ordering to make sure PET ARTIST Harness will fit well. If you do not receive the pouches or patches, please contact us for a solution.

PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training Customer Reviews

Absinthe – He doesn’t like harnesses, but this one, after about 5 minutes, he doesn’t even really realize it’s there. I washed it before putting it on and bent it and plied it, so it would be a little softer and more comfortable for him. The stitching is good and the velcro hook and loop stitching holds wonderfully. Would definitely buy again, as we purchase lots of dog training and dog related items.

ian – for 55$ this is a solid vest. I was looking for a very specific vest and this one definitely fit every little thing i was looking for. 3 d rings to clip into, metal clips, 3 different handles to pick up my 65lb husky/GSD mix, mollie system and velco for attaching service patches and pouches, understrap for comfort when the dog is being lifted by the handles and a coyote color for that real rugged look. I have used this several times and have picked my 65lb 4 year pup up multiple times and no stitching, SO FAR, has come undone or even shown signs of fraying or coming undone. He looks great in it but does tend to get quite warm while wearing it so i have been looking for a way to combat that. But all in all so far this has been a positive experience nd rest assure i will update in the coming months if something becomes defective.

Sir Angus Fannypants – My dog recently had his hind leg amputated due to bone cancer and I needed a sturdy vest with handles to help assist him with walking. This vest has truly been a life saver for both of us. I had already purchased two other vests, but none of them offered the support and comfort this one did. The different handles allow me to help lift and maneuver him with ease. It is easy to adjust , take on and off (can even come apart in two pieces) which works perfect for a recovering pup. The mesh lining is great I don’t have to worry about his skin getting irritated. Couldn’t ask for better quality, I don’t worry that it’ll rip while I’m using it because it feels very well made. Very happy with this purchase!

Hoops – Update 3-23-20: Wife was walking dog and had her harnessed on front and back. The stitches ripped out on front D-rings allowing for the dog to run free and causing her to almost get hit by a car. Utilizing the back D ring put her out on her run that stitching immediately came lose first time she put any pressure on it. We loved the best and were lucky our dig was not injured. The buckles may be strong but if the stitching doesnt hold it makes no difference. We have purchased 10 harnesses over the years for our Shepards. It’s hard finding on that fits comfortably, can’t escape from, has no pull ring in front, velcro to apply patches, and durability. Graysee as you see pictures actually enjoys wearing the harness even while hanging out around the house! It is easy to adjust and doesnt rub her on long outdoor excursions. When we rescued her she had never even been on a leash at almost 2 years old and never played with toys. We have dozens of cats, squirrels, and car traffic in our neighborhood. Safety was our number 1 concern. Her habit of darting towards animals and pulling during training made a no pull ring a must. We wanted to make sure the harness was durable and not going to snap when she jerked and lunged. We also wanted to make sure she was unable to slip out or escape. This harness/vest exceeded all of our expectations. Its comfortable and secures her nicely. It also adds support down her back and doesnt bunch up like our harnesses in the past. The stitching looks very good and looks to be very well made. If you are looking for the perfect all around harness with all the features, this is the one to purchase.

Dad and Mom L. – So I was looking for a new vest for my service dog and came across this one to replace one that Molle had out grown. For what I paid for it I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. It was an interim solution until I could scrape the money for a Ray Allen vest at 3.5-4 times the price. Will it hold up like a Ray Allen, that’s yet to be seen. What I will say is the stitching looks good. The material is solid and her chest area is better protected than most of the other vest that are offered for sale on here. How well will the cobra buckles and attachment points that are made out of chinesium hold up? I will update you on that. If your dog hangs out with a bunch of Spec-ops dogs, she will fit right in. If it doesn’t you might want to keep an eye out for behavioral changes. Like staying out for a couple of days at a time and not talking about where it’s been. It will mutter something about opsec and walk away. Anyway, I will update this with any issues that come up.

About The Product


  • M size: Chest:20.5-27.6″”(52-70cm),Back length:14.5″(37.5cm);
  • L size: Chest:24.4-31.5″(62-80cm),Back length:16.5″(42.5cm);
  • XL size: Chest:31.5-41.3″(80-108cm),Back length:16.9″(43cm);

pet artist tactical dog harness for hiking training my little and large pet products marketplaceThe dog tactical harness is suitable for medium large dogs,such as boxer, pitbull, german shepherd, belgian shepherd, doberman, malinois, rottie, husky, labrador, lab, great Dane, frenchie, cane corso, belgian malinois, akita,alaskan malamute puppy,etc.

Please make sure to measure your dog’s size before purchasing.

  • Use a length of string to measure the distance around your dog’s chest this will give you the most accurate measurement.
  • If any of the measurements are between two sizes, please choose the larger size.

Well Constructed

This vest harness is lightweight yet very sturdy,well made, great quality, comfortable to wear.

Easy on and off

  • The product is well made, adjustable, and appears to be designed to allow your dog comfort while wearing;
  • The stitching and quality on this harness is great and durable;
  • The material seems tough and has been easy to spot clean so far;

Note: For long-term use, hand wash with cold water and hang to dry is suggested.

Considerate Material

With soft mesh material on the inside reduces abrasion for your dog’s comfort and will not hurt your beloved pet’s fur. Perfect for your dog while on any outdoor activities;

If your dog tends to bite and chew on things, please keep this product away from him/her when not in use.

Start by Letting Your Dog Get More Exercise

This is a functional medium large dog vest harness. Suitable for daily walking, outdoor sports, training, tourism, military, hiking, camping, long trail walks, backpacking trips, leisure and so on.

Start by letting your dog get more exercise with this dog vest harness on your journey

Practical Function

  • Hook & Loop system, both sides are molle-type design for carrying accessories;
  • No Pull Front Clip: redirect the dog forward motion;
  • Top 3 Handles design: can be more convenient control;
  • 2 Metal V-shaped buckles can be attached dog leash or ropes;
  • 2 x Metal Buckle (1000 lb Proof-Load Test ) on Dog Shoulder Position;

Comfortable Wearing and Walking

High-quality admin pouches with bigger space, more functions, loop panel for patches and extra rows of webbing.

Perfect for someone looking for a lightweight way to organize their everyday carry stuff, tools, travel essentials, first aid kits, fire starter kit, etc.

Comes with 2 free US Flag Patches

Nylon embroidered ” US Flag ” for easy identification

Compatible hook backing for attachment to tactical hats and gears. Easily attach to the tactical molle harness, vest, and saddlebag of your pet

PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training, No Pull Vest Harness for Medium Large Dogs, with Pouches and Patches