OneTigris Tactical Dog HarnessThis tactical dog vest harness by OneTigris features three detachable pouches that allow you to carry a ton of gear, adjustable webbing for improved stability, and a Velcro panel that allows you to attach patches of your choice. This popular model is perfect for service and working dogs and is built with durability and comfort in mind.

Because this harness is designed specifically for working dogs and service dogs, it should be able to handle a lot of wear and tear. The large removable pouches will allow the pet owner to carry around a wide variety of supplies ranging from pet food, water bottles, and pet toys, to medication, wallets, collapsible water bowl, and other supplies you’ll need throughout your day.

OneTigris is a company that’s known for its tactical dog harnesses, which is why it’s so surprising that this model didn’t seem to score well with consumers. Many felt that the buckle and strap system that the manufacturer is known for simply didn’t stand up to past designs, with consumer reports that both the buckles and straps failed to work. This is a major safety issue and one that’s enough to make some consumers pass this model by.

So, what’s the truth? Does this model stand up to previous harnesses produced by OneTigris, or is this harness seriously lacking in quality?

Tactical Dog Harness by OneTigris Overview and Features

This harness is equipped with MOLLE on both sides for use with MALICE or MOLLE pouches.  The inside of the harness features a grid design for ultimate breathability.  On the collar, you’ll find a soft padding insert that helps to prevent chafing along the neck.

The harness also comes with two handles located on the front and back for attaching a leash. In order to avoid an unnecessary break when using too much strength if the dog is pulling or trying to bolt, the manufacturer recommends using a standard dog collar for guiding purposes.

The harness is available in five sizes, including extra small and extra-large:

The extra-small harness will fit dogs with a girth of fourteen to twenty inches, a neck length of eight and a half inches to eleven and a half inches, and a back length of eleven inches with a width of ten inches.

The small harness will fit dogs with a chest that measures fifteen to twenty-one and a half inches, a neck that measures nine to twelve inches and a back length of thirteen inches with a width of eleven inches.

The medium harness fits pets with a girth of sixteen and a half inches to twenty-seven and a half inches, a neck measuring at eleven and a half inches to fifteen inches and a back length of sixteen inches with a width of thirteen inches.

The large harness will fit a chest girth of eighteen and a half inches to thirty-six and a half inches, a neck measurement of fourteen to eighteen inches and a back length of nineteen inches with a width of fourteen inches.

The extra-large size will fit a dog with a girth of twenty and a half inches to forty inches, a neck that measures in at ten and a half inches to twenty-one inches and a back length of twenty-one inches with a width of sixteen and a half inches.

The manufacturer recommends taking your pet’s full measurements before ordering in order to prevent returns or exchanges, or sores caused by a poor fit.

The two large detachable pouches are built tough and allow the user to carry a wide range of supplies and enough gear to easily get you through your outdoor adventure.

Tactical Dog Harness Pros and Cons

Pros: The large Velcro strip down the center of the vest allows the user to add plenty of patches and the placement of the Velcro makes all patches highly visible. The MOLLE webbing system makes it extremely easy to place or remove pouches as needed. The handles located at either end of the harness allow the owner fast and easy access. Without the pouches, the vest itself is slim fitting and very lightweight, making it easy to bring service dogs into crowded places or tighter spaces such as bathroom stalls. The harness is very customizable and designed to fit a wide range of breeds. The harness is also easy to wash, simply rinse it off in cold water and hang it to dry.

Cons: Some pet owners did not like the belly straps, which were not very flexible and didn’t stretch enough to accommodate faster movements such as running. When the straps on the harness are adjusted to fit the dog correctly when the dog is standing, the belly straps end up being too tight once the dog sits. When adjusted when the dog is sitting, the straps will then be too loose when the dog stands. The lack of padding was also an issue for some consumers. There is no padding on any of the straps and considering the length of time a service dog wears their harness, developing sores can be a problem. Other buyers felt that for a working dog vest this harness did not support the actions of a working animal. All of the straps and buckles tend to come undone without effort. The pouches also tend to fall off for no reason. Overall, the harness has no balance. Many consumers complained that the middle buckle was constantly coming undone, especially for owners with hyperactive dogs.

Consumers who are looking for an OneTigris Tactical Dog harness with a better reputation for durability and quality should learn more about the Canine Equipment Ultimate pulling dog harness, which has a lot to offer in terms of versatility, strength and a more custom fit.

OneTigris Working Dog Harness Conclusion and Rating

Consumers who purchased OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness Training Dog Vest in hopes of finding a versatile model that could handle tough everyday use were extremely disappointed in its performance. This model is not suited for large, hyper dogs, due to the poor quality of the straps and buckles. Dog owners who purchased the harness gave it a rating of three and a half stars out of five stars for quality issues.


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