OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest

  • Old Version: 1000D Nylon material with breathable mesh padding & soft cloth covered neck straponetigris tactical dog training vest the original review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • Molle Dog Vest: Plenty of molle webbings for attaching any MOLLE compatible medical and treat/water pouch
  • Two Handles Design: Front and back handles design with metal clips for your dogs lead control
  • Wide Hook & Loop Area: Provides space for name tapes, patches or whatever patches you may need
  • Various Sizes & Colors Available: Measuring your dog for proper fit can reduce the probability of receiving unsuitable size or return. Please check our Dog Sizing Chart before purchase. Your shopping experience is our first concern (Package Includes Tactical Dog Harness & OneTigris Patch Only)

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Customer Reviews

Tracey H. – My son’s pitbull has escaped out of about every harness purchased. He just pulls his shoulders back and he’s free. Not this time. He is firmly and safely ensconced in the vest. It doesn’t rub and leave bald spots, nor does it pull and make him uncomfortable. It is somewhat adjustable because of the straps, so that was nice. Well worth the money, and the price was way better than on comparable products.

MS – Works as it should. Pretty durable. I use it for hiking and when my Service Dog is working. She carries her own supplies plus my medical stuff. Hasn’t fallen a part yet. The straps are REALLY long, so you can either cut them to fit or safety pin them, among other things.

Bobby Mags – I bought 2 vests for my dogs. They fit perfectly I can adjust the straps to make it fit more comfortably. And a plus is how we can add patches I love it. Good sturdy vests

Alondra S – Got this for my 13 y/o lab who is having a hard time moving around. This is the best thing we could have purchased for him. The handles make it easy to pick up the 100+ lb dog and get him in and out of the car. He falls and this makes it easy to help him up and keep him moving around. We leave it on him for the most part and he does not seem to mind it. He will have seizures from time to time and seems calmer with the harness on. Oerall, this product has greatly increased his standard of living.

Stephanie – I bought this for my old great dane that has trouble getting up from the sit position & getting up from laying down. The main feature I like is that it has two handles, one at each end of the harness. Now I’m able to help him to get on his feet without having to pull on his collar. The straps have to be snug otherwise the harness starts to slip towards one side or the other. So I’m concerned about the straps being to snug when hes laying down/sleeping.
The front chest strap has a cloth for comfort, but its thin & not padded. Pretty useless I think. I plan on replacing it with a padded one along with adding padded covers to the other two straps on his underside.
Overall I’m glad i made the purchase & I would recommend this harness to anyone that has a dog that struggles when getting up. I just wish it came with padded strap covers on all three straps. Maybe the neck pads that you can put on seatbelts will work for now.

Kyle – Nice vest for my pup. She hates having her collar pulled or even held. So we first bought her a bra type leash. She could get out of that thing so easily, plus her pulling made walking difficult. She also hated even putting it on. It was such a hassle as she got bigger. This one is so easy to slip on and clip. She just stands there with no issues. I like that you can adjust it in 3 spots to make her comfortable since she is on the smaller side. The vest gives me more control as well. When we arrive at crosswalks or something she gets overly excited about, I have the handle by the neck to hold onto. Holding this does not seem to bother her as much as holding her actual collar. I am really happy with it and have suggested it to a few of my other friends with large dogs having issues walking on a leash.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Review

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