OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest

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  • SIZE INFORMATION: Widely adjustable; M size chest girth 16.5″-25″ & neck girth 12″-20.5″; L size chest girth 18″-34.5″ & neck girth 16″-28″; XL size chest girth 21″-39″ & neck girth 16″-33.5″; Always measure before ordering. OneTigris harnesses are NOT designed to bear heavy weights and we advise against relying solely on the grab handle(s) to carry your dog
  • PATROL HARNESS VEST & POUCHES: Dog vest feature 2 rows of MOLLE straps on each side compatible with MOLLE pouches, pet bowl, doggy waste bag holder, water pouch etc
  • MULTIFUNCTION POUCHES: 3 in a set for carrying gear, it can be adapted to retain anything. EMT pouch for holding medical kit, sunscreen, tissues, etc.; EDC pack for carrying water, dog treats, poop bags, etc.; Tool pouch for carrying toys, picnic mats, collapsible bowls, etc. Letting your dog helps to ease the EDC load and calms him/her down
  • TWO GRAB HANDLES: Double handles design for maximum and effective control when next to your pup; Fits nicely and compactly for medium large to extra large dog like German Shepherd, Bulldog, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Dalmatian, etc.
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY: 1000D Nylon construction for durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance; One loop panel on top of harness for attaches DO NOT PET patch, ASK TO PET patch, blood type patches, name patches or morale patches etc
Material Type

1000D Nylon

Clip Types

Back-Clip Harness

Harness Types

Tactical Dog Harness

7 reviews for OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest

  1. Lloyd

    This is a awesome vest! It came in 3 days! I was worried that it may be small for my german shepherd but a Large size is perfect! It came with the 3 pouches and I love that i can put some dog stuff in it so i won’t have to carry it. I really like that you can put patches on it. It does not bother my dog at all. The dog could move in it great. Yes it is a bit pricey but it was totally worth it! I would buy this product again if needed!

  2. M. H.

    I bought this to replace my Service Dog’s vest after she started to outgrow her old one. I bought a black one since I could not get the green with matching pouches. The vest arrived very quickly and everything was intact. I put this vest to the test the first week with a trip to Georgia and Florida; 3 plane rides, the Georgia Aquarium, numerous restaurants, the beach, a bus ride, and a long hike through a nature preserve have proven how much I love this vest. My dog is able to carry her own things. The medical pouch holds Benadryl, Neosporin, bandaids, vet wrap, a pack of tissues, dog treats, and a small tube of sunscreen while the other zippered pouch carries a halter nose band and collapsable water bowl. I have now added caribeeners to each of the metal pieces on either end of the vest for whatever uses I may need such as clipping the leash around my waist for improvised handsfree use at a moments notice. The velcro down the back has plenty of space for patches, I have more options now and my dog is more visible since they cover her entire back. The handles at either end of the vest make for very good places to grab when needed. The mole makes it very easy to move pouches as needed. The only time I have used all three pouches was when we went hiking and I needed the extra space. Without the pouches the vest is very lightweight and slim fitting so it is easy to bring my service dog into tighter spaces like the airplane seats and crowded places.

    My biggest pet peeves: I do not like the belly straps, I wish they had a few inches of elastic so they could stretch a little more with my dog’s movements. When the straps are properly adjusted while standing they are too tight when my dog sits, and when they are adjusted properly for a sitting or down position they are waaaayyy too loose when she stands. My dog will never complain about anything so its hard to tell when she does or doesn’t like something. I had accidentally adjusted the straps too tight and she just sat there barely able to breathe. I would also like strap covers like the chest strap but with more padding. With the amount of time my dog wears her vest it is a necessity she doesn’t develop sores or be uncomfortable. I find it helps to cross the straps but it just isn’t enough to keep it from slipping sideways. Those are my only complains thus far.

    This vest is a great deal and is very customizable to your needs and wants. You can take off or add anytime. I would buy this vest again! It cleaned up very nice after our beach day with all the sand and salt water. Attached are pictures on the airplane, at the airport, my sister’s graduation, and on our hike (without patches so my dog was off duty, our friend also loves the TigrisOne vest).

  3. Shannon Bradford

    Owned the vest a little over 2 weeks and the stitching on the top handle detached on one side from the vest, so now it is just hanging. The vest is only used when out in public and immediately taken off at home. I have never used the top handle and the vest is always put away when not used. I emailed the company about the issue and awaiting a response. I would expect that with the amount of money it cost to purchase this vest; the integrity of it would not be compromised within 2 weeks!!

  4. Keith

    Had the harness for about one year, dog does not wear it full time and the stitching has failed… I will be contacting OneTigris to see if they will replace. One year on a $90 “Tactical” harness that was not worn everyday to me is unacceptable for this company.
    UPDATE: Contacted customer service on April 13, had a reply back the next day asking for the order number. April 16th stating I would recieve my replacement on the 24th. It arrived the next day! And not only just the harness, the pouches too! VERY EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! Faith restored. HOPEFULLY this one will last longer than a year! Will be replacing her leash next payday.

  5. Mary

    I adopted a humane society pup. I live in South Central Texas. The question of heat doesn’t count. You know it is hot or hotter. I wanted my pup to carry his own water and collapsable food/water dish on all outings. Originally I planned on just tying water bottle to a harness. I began looking for a suitable one here on Amazon. I saw this and similiar types. I made myself go over what I wanted harness to be able to do. I wanted ability to hold pouches for water, food dishes, tie out line and a few small miscellanous items. I looked at many harnesses of this type. I kept coming back to this one. In addition to the numerous positive reviews, I liked the fact of included pouches. I had zero problem getting my pup to wear it. I like the way it looks on him. I like the feel of the material and noticed excellent quality of the stitching. My pup has a build similiar to a German Shepard. He is currently on the small end of medium (27 pounds). He is 4 months old with a vet extimate of 50+ pounds. This medium fits him well. No problem adjusting the straps for him. No problem with slipping or sliding. He bounced around in it for 30 minutes. I will have no problem having him carry his own water and items on our walks. Edited 07January 2018: to prevent or minimize slipping side to side make sure strap across front of chest is snug. I had concerns about rear belly strap and a male dog. Let’s say that concern has not been materialized!

  6. Melanie H.

    If you have a male, the last strap may rub near his wiener– adjust the neck strap a little tighter to avoid this

  7. Dennis

    Yes, it is a MOLLE patch of fabric with velcro and straps, and it will install on your pup, but it will not stay comfortably oriented causing your dog to be a little unhappy at times. Additionally, the stitching is not up to par with what those of us in the military are used to on gear. One single good tug to keep my dog back from a slipping cliff edge in Colorado and the stitches ripped right out of two of the straps, freeing the harness from my dog. That is one of the exact scenarios in which you want unwavering trust in you and your best friends equipment. In the future I will be investing the 200 in a quality harness by RayAllen.

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