OneTigris POWER ROCKET Zero Sliding K9 Harness

73.4 Rating
(6 customer reviews)

  • Durable Material: 500D Nylon construction for light, durable and water/dirt/abrasion resistant; Breathable mesh sewn underneath to keep your dog cool and comfortable
  • Full Body Construction: Uniquely designed front chest piece with adjustable straps for dogs of different builds and sizes; Offering a snug fit, escape proof, maximized mobility, and zero sliding with or without MOLLE pouches
  • Multi-functional Patch Panel: MOLLE on both sides of the harness for use of any MOLLE or MALICE-type pouches; Loop panel down the back for morale patches and name patches
  • Grab handles at the front and back to maneuver your dog and lift him/her away from trouble; Strength tested leash clips and handles, with quality UTX-duraflex buckled straps
  • Suitable for medium to large dog like Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky, Bulldog and more. ATTENTION: Sizing does NOT correspond to your pet?s breed size or weight. MEASURE the girth around your pet’s chest and neck and refer to our sizing chart to find the best fit before ordering
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500D Nylon

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Back-Clip Harness

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Dog Harness

6 reviews for OneTigris POWER ROCKET Zero Sliding K9 Harness

  1. Dave

    I have an AmStaff. His measurements are:
    neck 24
    bust 32
    Length 20
    Two of these measurements are in the large category, so I bought a large. The bottom portion is way too big. Everything fit great, but it covered his penis. If he was a female, this would be the right size. I liked this model because it looked like it would not be riding up in his armpits. If you have a male dog, this may not be a good choice. They should have customers take a few more measurements for male dogs. I want a harness, but I will not be paying for shipping to try these out. If they want to ship me multiple sizes, and once I find one that fits, I will ship the rest back on their dime and only pay for shipping of the one I keep. Dogs come in many proportions. They need more bottom piece options. Moreover, medium is not even available. I cannot even try out a smaller size if I wanted to. In sum, they should state that this is for particular breeds of dogs and add an extra measurement for male dogs from the tip of the penis to the back of the front legs. It seems this measurement is important too. And consult OneTigris with your dog’s specs before buying.

  2. Jason L Chapman

    The only thing I think I would change is maybe take away some of the PALS webbing and move the hook and loop panels down the side to allow patches to be seen from farther away. We ended up getting Molle hook and loop strips to use for patches to warn off other dog owners. They wouldn’t see the patch if we used the panel on the top.

  3. Beth E

    This was very difficult to get adjusted to fit my dog. Luckily she is easy going and just stood there while I wrestled with it for 20 minutes. I’m sure once it’s adjusted it stays in place however I did not keep it to find out. My dog has two layers of fur and with the amount of coverage of this vest I knew she would be too hot with this on during our hikes. There is not as much openness on the side as the pictures show because she is on the smaller end of the large size. Based on her measurements I ordered the medium first and it was definitely too small for her. But since I couldn’t even put it on her I went ahead and got the large but ended up returning it too. For reference she is a 75 lb Lab/Australian Shepherd mix.

  4. Monika

    This harness seems well made and may be more breathable than some, but is still quite heavy duty–not something I would keep on my dog in the heat of the south for a prolonged period. I considered keeping it, but quickly realized that the underbelly part of the harness covered up his penis, so he wouldn’t be able to urinate with it on. The harness fit well, and I liked the double handle feature, but unfortunately it would not work for us.

  5. doodaa

    Good vest. I have a 6 month 40 pound lab and i wanted a tactical (hiking) vest. I needed a vest that is fully adjustable and secure at all body points. This was the only full body vest that i found that has an adjustment from the bottom of chest to the neck. I modified this chest/neck strap by reversing the 2 clips , 2 buckles and center velcro strap.. I did this so the smooth/flat side of the velcro strap made contact with dog chest. The way it was put together felt wrong. Other changes i will make are to swap out the 2 plastic rings for metal ones. Then I can attach a third hand hold or emergency dog evac strap (I would carry dog with shoulder strap) to carry my dog out. I gave four stars for having plastic parts.

  6. Jason M.

    This harness is very well made. It separates the chest piece and the abdominal piece to allow for better fit. The ability to make adjustments is pretty incredible. There are many ways to adjust this harness. It allowed me to have a more secure harness for my dog. My dog is strong and the various items that make up the harness are extremely helpful.
    I am also a really big fan of the two rings to secure the animal. Not your normal design, but that’s because they are better. It is a very strong and durable attachment point.
    There are also two handles you can utilize with much better ease. This harness has hook & loop on top for patches. There are many molle points to add various gear to the harness.
    I really don’t see any negatives for this item. There could be some improvements on harness, such as a front secure lead ring for no pulling. More hook & loop options, unless it doesn’t allow use of some of the molles. This is a very heavy duty harness. Very strong. My dog wasn’t overheating with it on. If you want, or need a heavy duty, versatile tactical harness, this is the best one I have had!

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