OneTigris No-Pull Tactical Dog Harness Vest

  • MILITARY STYLE: OneTigris large dog harness each side features two straps as well as hoop & loop strips panel to easily attachonetigris no pull tactical dog harness vest strong review my little and large pet products marketplace pouches or ID panels; Dog vest harness is not designed to bear heavy weights and we advise against relying solely on the grab handle to carry your dog.
  • HOOK&LOOP DESIGN: Full length 9″ by 2″ heavy duty loop panel at the top for ID badges and one 3.5″ by 2″ panel on the neck strap. Our easy walk harness is available in 4 colors & 3 sizes, ideal for any occasion from hiking to daily walks and training sessions.
  • SIZE INFORMATION: Our tactical dog harness is made from Durable 1000D nylon with Padding for a comfortable fit.S: 14″- 20″(Neck); 20″- 27″(Chest); 9″(Back) M: 16″- 23″(Neck); 24″- 32″(Chest); 10″(Back) L: 18″-25″(Neck); 27″- 36″(Chest); 11″(Back) XL: 20″- 29″(Neck); 31″- 40″(Chest); 13″(Back)
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable Dog Harness with a Top handle for traffic control, 4 quick release buckles for easy on and off while providing extra security; and one leash attachment point at the front.
  • QUALITY AFTER-SALE GUARANTEE: OneTigris large tactical dog harness have 1 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with dog vest harnesses, feel free to reach out and we will reply in 24 hours.

OneTigris No-Pull Tactical Dog Harness Vest Review

G-man – Great product. Well made, durable, quality material and loops/buckles. Very adjustable, great fit (I have the medium and my dog is a 45lb shepherd/collie cross).

BJ – This cut of harness seemed to be completely wrong for our American Staffy. Quality of the material and manufacturing seemed good enough though but it just didn’t sit well on our dog. We ended up going for another brand of similar style which fitted superbly but was a little more expensive.

Cassi – We originally purchased in January 2017 OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest Harness with Mesh Padding and Two Handles (Coyote Brown – Upgraded Version, L / 49cm) in order to attach “Do Not Pet” patches and eventually molle pouches. (Review link – ) We have yet to purchase any pouches for that vest. Since we didn’t use pouches and when weather was warming up, we wondered if a smaller vest would be better. Just enough material to attach the “Do Not Pet” patches.
After reading another reviewer who also purchased the same two vests, the Training one in Large and this Service one in Medium, and also measuring our dog and comparing to OneTigris charts, we purchased a Medium, black.
It fits our 2.5 year old, male, 66 lb. Belgian Malinois great! We use the same old “Do Not Pet” patches and just transfer from vest to vest as needed. He has played in the lake, plowed through thicket/brush, climbed snow piles with his belly scraping against the ice crust…. Purchased in June 2017 and now January 2018. He’s used this daily, 3-4 times a day, about 4-6 miles of leashed exploration. Cleaning: We’ve removed all patches, zipped it into a laundry sweater bag, and washed on gentle cycle in washing machine, then air dried.
Honestly, we like the looks of this one on him better than the other Training vest. It fits his shape better.
Addendum: We have not tried hooking the leash to the vest (as noted in the Training vest review, we like using the collar for leash pressure control). We have tried hooking a carabiner to the vest and leash as security for if ever the collar breaks (visible in the photo showing his back with wooded background). However, it pulled his vest up his neck and his collar too far down his neck. So we began hooking the carabiner to a second collar (can be seen in winter photo). Now that we’ve purchased the Excellent Elite Spanker Tactical Training Adjustable Dog Collar with Control Handle and Quick Release Metal Buckle(Ranger Green-L) , we use its D-ring and don’t need the carabiner (photo of him standing).
The strips of fabric extending from the front chest and up to the shoulders that are supposed to lay behind the buckles eventually no longer laid flat but folded down. We used to fix it but after his running about, they would fold back down. Even though the buckles are then against his fur, no chafing. In the photo of him standing, you can see the right shoulder strip facing downward against his chest. Once all the straps have been adjusted, we leave the two shoulder buckles connected and slip the vest over his head, so only the two buckles for his chest/waist need to be buckled and unbuckled.

Shay – Loved this harness to begin with. The mole pouches I bought for it fit perfectly, and this harness stopped my large pup from pulling. He felt like he had a job. Now, my pup is a 7mo German shepherd, weighing close to 90 lbs, but hes all long and gangly. This harness looked more like a bikini on him, which was not what I intended. I was hoping for more body coverage. Oh well. Anyway, after about a months of use, the adjusting straps no longer stayed tightened. When I first got it, I had to re-tighten them every time I put it on, which should have been a red flag, but I figured it wasnt that big of a deal. Until we went camping for a week, and the adjustment straps just slid completely off. The harness fell off. Luckily my boy has little interest in being anywhere except by my side, or he could have been hit by a car, or taken off into the woods. This happened multiple times, and even looping the excess straps back through the buckles made no difference. It’s now at the point that the harness will not stay adjusted, and if he bends over, the straps slide all the way out, and the whole thing falls off. This is without any pouches or weight on it. Very disappointed as I heard many wonderful things about this harness, none of which were a reality for me.

Michael G Brennan – Great product from One Tigris! Fit (after some minor adjustment) is excellent, shipping was fast and vest was exactly as advertised. The only tweak I would suggest is a device of some sort to control and tuck away loose straps. I never like to cut the excess in case I have to adjust again. Overall, it’s definitely a great product that I would highly recommend.

Periwinkle Épée – Update after nearly a year: We use these harnesses daily for bikejoring and walking. We do a minimum of 8 miles a day. Bikejoring requires the dog to pull you, and our pups love to run very fast so they pull hard. The harnesses are great quality and don’t show any sign of wear yet after nearly one year. Plus they still seem breathable for the dogs which is important here in our tropical South Florida climate. We bought these instead of regular harnesses so our pups could carry their own gear with the molle attachments. and because they seemed comfortable enough for bikejoring. We of course bought patches as well which make the harnesses look even better and also makes it so we can customize for each dog. After buying a OneTigris collar for our first rescue dog we bought collars, harnesses, and bungee leashes from OneTigris for all three of our rescue dogs because the quality is great. One dog is an 80 lbs Catahoula. Catahoulas can have very large chests with smaller heads (similar to Dobermans). We purchased the medium in ranger green for him. This size worked great but we ended up ordering a large for the thicker straps. The other pup is a 100+ lbs Alaskan Malamute Mix with proportionate chest/overall size ratio. We purchased the large grey vest for him. He could technically fit into the medium but we bought the large due to the length of his body. The medium looked too short. They have plenty of room to grow and fill out, as they have since we purchased these harnesses. Our 100 lbs Mastiff mix has had to be readjusted several times due to him filling out. If you are looking for quality, usefulness, and a great aesthetic – choose this harness and all the other OneTigris brand items. You won’t regret it.

OneTigris No-Pull Tactical Dog Harness Vest Review

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