OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag

  • OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Doggy Backpack 2.0 Size Large: 21″-31.5″/53-80cm (neck), 29″-36″/74-91cm (chest), 9.8″/25cm (back);onetigris dog pack hound travel camping hiking backpack saddle bag review my little and large pet products marketplace Net weight: 19.7oz/560g; 2 adjustable straps fits for medium & large dog
  • Dog Backpacks for Dogs to Wear Two main zipper side compartments with semi-open pockets for carrying dog food holder, water, snacks, waste disposal bags, etc.
  • NOTE for Dog Hiking Pack The handle is not used for lifting up your dog; Dog expert: For most dogs, 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point. This would be 5 to 6 pounds for a 50-pound dog, or 2.5 to 3.0 kilos for a 25-kilogram dog, for example. Of course, the right amount depends on a number of factors, such as your dog’s breed, physical fitness, and energy level.
  • Multi-functional Dog Harness Backpack Ideal for dog hiking, camping, long trail walks, backpacking trips, traveling or everyday use
  • Dog Saddle Bag High-density cotton canvas provide a better holding for your beloved pet and do not hurt fur


About The Product


OneTigris is a team of young hears and lovers of life. Our mission is to empower you with motivation and quality gear to do more, go further. Got gear ideas, stories or dreams? Connect, reach out and inspire OneTigris. YOU are everything this brand stands for.

Vintage Style: OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Dog Pack Version 2.0

onetigris dog pack hound travel camping hiking backpack saddle bag my little and large pet products marketplaceEnjoy weekend getaways with your pup?

The upgraded HOPPY CAMPER dog backpack has function, style, plus comfort to offer, so you can load up all the K9 essentials for the day on his/her back and get a lot of compliments on your excellent taste in vintage doggo attire on the road. The HOPPY CAMPER dog hiking backpack is constructed from the same quality cotton canvas fabric with extra soft mesh lining for breathability, but this time with a modified structure that prevents slippage, stronger front and rear stainless steel leash rings, a handy grab handle with reinforced stitching on all stress points for a solid gear use experience.

Please note that for most dogs: 10% to 12% of their body weight is a good starting point for loading up dog packs. This would be 5-6lb for a 50lb dog, or 2.5-3kg for a 25kg dog. Of course, the right amount depends on a number of factors, such as your dog’s breed, physical fitness, and energy level.

Upgraded Highlights

OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Dog Backpack Harness Version 1.0

  • Reinforced stitching, top carry handle, d-rings, zippers
  • Double-layers fabric for durable use
  • Three straps for adjustment
  • One size fits most

OneTigris HOPPY CAMPER Dog Backpack Harness Version 2.0

  • Reinforced stitching, padded lift handle, sturdy stainless steel D-rings, premium YKK zippers
  • Mesh lining for optimized breathability
  • Easy adjustments via buckled neck & chest straps
  • Padded undersides for ultimate comfort
  • Upgraded no-slide, snug-fit structure
  • Two size available fits for medium&large dogs

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Customer Reviews

Al X – We took our 50ish lb goldendoodle on several hikes with this pack. It fit her well, sat nicely, and looked great. However, as others have commented, the stitching/quality is just not good. It fell apart on our third or fourth hike halfway through. The seams just came undone and it barely held together until the end of the hike. This is close to a good product so I think it warrants 3 stars but the quality really needs to be improved.
Edit: Updated to 4 stars. OneTigris contacted me and sent me an updated version. The quality is improved in a few ways. Most notably:
* Stitching seems better
* Pockets seem more durable and there are more of then including an ID card transparent sleeve.
* Mesh padding inside which definitely seems more comfortable for the pooch and helps keep the pack in place.
However, a couple things that were included in the original were removed which kinda sucks:
* No D ring on the back. It’s an issue for on leash hiking.
* No handle on top. This is a problem on difficult scrambles where I need to assist my dog or if I have to hold her back from chasing a squirrel or something.
Overall this is a pretty decent pack. There are better but this is about 85% of the way there. Other than the two cons I mentioned I really like the pack and for now it’ll continue to be my go to.

Mike Everett – Fantastic item. Fits my medium sized lab (55 lbs) very well. Lots of pockets for her gear. Balanced very well – stays in place and inline.

Ben Jammin (Isaac) – So, it’s nice, but I do have an issue with this manufacturer.
One of the straps broke free of the bag when on a walk up the mountain with the dog; which was no fun. Upon fixing it, I discovered the bag initially sold to me was defective to begin with and they knew it and tried to hide it!
You can see in the pictures that the one that ripped had been stitched back together previously. You can clearly see the green thread single-stitch where the broken strap was reattached. I used the white thread, so this green thread; which is ONLY on the strap that broke as shown in the other pic, was done by OneTigris. As if that single stitch patch job was ever going to hold! This was, supposedly, a new item. Therefore: they clearly sold me a poorly-fixed defective bag. I have since fixed it permanently. Though it is quite ugly, it should hold. However, I feel slightly cheated that they sold me a defective bag that they attempted to hastily, and shoddily, hide.

Tammy Chan – This backpack is a lifesaver if you take your dog hiking/camping. When I take my dog hiking, more often than not I’m carrying my food his food, my water, his water, bowl, lash, poop bags, toys like his personal walking luggage. A 70lb pitbull and husky mix, who is completely capable of carrying his own sh*t, is looking down on me because I’m hiking up the hills too damn slow. Since this backpack, he gets tired when I get tired. Because I am making him carry his own things. Guess your endurance wasn’t as good as you thought it wad huh Dog.

Spudouken – My dog has always been a puller. First I tried a harness, which was a massive failure that made it easier for him to yank my arm around. Then I bought a gentle leader. That is actually an amazing product that works, but he still had some bad moments where something would distract him. After putting this pack on him and “giving him a job” its like there is an invisible wall right next to me and he doesnt ever walk past me and doesn’t even try to pull or mark bushes anymore.

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog