OneTigris Dog Backpack for Hiking Nylon Dog Harness

  • 1000D Nylon
  • OneTigris MAMMOTH Dog Pack in Size Medium: Durable 1000D nylon with mesh lining for breathability to maximize function andonetigris dog backpack for hiking nylon dog harness review my little and large pet products marketplace comfort on lengthier outings
  • Larger Storage Room: 3L pouch with two 2″ by 7″ loop panels on either side for carrying water, dog food, treats, toys; Each side pouch comes with an exterior horizontal umbrella pocket with cross-bungee cords for strapping on extra gear
  • Hidden Zippers Design: To prevent the dog’s hair from getting stuck in the zipper, also it’s not easy to be unzipped when in use
  • Hook-and-loop belly strap with UTX-Duraflex buckles so the pack stays in place and wrap dog’s neck & belly around well
  • Net weight: 456g/16oz; Reinforced grab handle with UTX-Duraflex clip for leashes; 2 adjustable straps fits for different dog breeds and sizes with 18-23.5 inch neck & 25-30.5 inch chest

OneTigris Dog Backpack for Hiking Nylon Dog Harness Customer Reviews

Skuuurt_z34 – This dog pack is excellent! After tons of research on various packs I finally bought the small size for my Australian Shepherd (40lbs). With everything as tight as possible it just fits him, but the pack stays in place very well. At first he was hesitant of the pack mainly because of the Velcro sound but after 1 back packing trip with him he now loves it! When he sees the pack he knows it’s time for fun. It does not seem to have any effect on his movements and he can run and jump as he pleases. The elastic bands on the side for holding water bottles in place could be redesigned as they stretch very easy and the water bottles slowly work themselves out of the sleeve. Velcro straps that you could pull tight I think would be much better. I balanced out the food and water in his pack and it stayed nice and even the entire two days. The handle works great for lifting him over some of the obstacles that he hand quite built up the confidence to conquer, however I did find that if trying to pull him forwards over something that he can slip out of the harness. This could be good in the event he got stuck somewhere but if you have a dog that is likely to run or is aggressive it may not be suitable for controlling your dog compared to a collar around the neck. I will definitely be buying a second one for my other Aussie!

Doc832 – This came in a small box and I thought that there was just the bags and not the harness. Amazing to see this compact product is well built, easy to fit to the dog. This was for a poodle and she was right to the bottom limit despite being such a tall dog. The pack was placed on the dog, adjusted and she wore it without issue for about 30 min before it was removed. The buckles are solid and strong, fabric had no loose ends or fray. Plenty of room for patches on the top molle area. Look forward to this for the next hike.

onetigris dog backpack for hiking nylon dog harness features my little and large pet products marketplaceAaron – Well I had the “old version,” of this bag and it fit my dog just fine with room to spare and I was about to buy another one and saw there was an “new version,” that looked like it would be more comfortable. Received it today and it won’t even come close to fitting my dog .. The straps are at least 6 inches shorter than the original version. I can’t imagine why anyone would make such a dumb change considering adding 6 inches to the straps isn’t going to make it fit smaller dogs any worse. So frustrated by this and the only way to contact them is email China DO NOT buy this is you have a large dog and the old version fit. This version is tiny !!!

Wrenegade – The neck and chest straps velcro on and have quick release buckles for added strength. The pockets are a good size and held my dog’s food, treats, a ball, and her leash (I try to let her roam free when we hike; she’s trained to stay close, but I have the leash attached so I can grab it easily if needed). I also used the elastic on the sides to strap on her dog-blanket and even her used poo-bag, so I didn’t have to carry it! There is also a LOT of spots with the soft-side of velcro so you can add more accessories or fun patches like I did for mine. Bigger dogs can generally carry 25% of their weight, so mine can carry about 15 lbs. The handle is great for when you do need to grab the dog quickly to ensure they don’t run into cyclists and such. Happy Hiking!

hjm_50 – Looks well built and is handsomely designed, and I like the canvas better than the usual rip stop. Unfortunately the design of the outside drink bungee is a deal breaker. On our hikes my dog chases varmints through bramble and it wouldnt take her ten seconds to snag this pack all to bits and give herself whiplash because of bungee cables that don’t need to be there. (The pack itself is large enough to hold a small water bottle.) And then, for little reason but decoration (or to attach more objects to cause snags, if you like…), there’s a big strip on both packs of literal Velcro. VELCRO. Fabric engineered to snag other little bits of fiber… or dirt, or cactus spines, or the horse poop my dog loves to roll in. The pack would be much more practical in our case if the saddles were just plain with a zipper.

In for Marlin – This was a Find which made both of us very Happy! This OneTigris Mammoth Back Pack is exceptionally WELL-MADE! Quality features and well-manufactured.
No flimsy fabric – strong and durable woven nylon, with a mesh lining. For this Remarkable Price ! And . . . I sew! so I know Quality when I see it. What sets this Mammoth Back Pack apart from its competition was the comfortably-wide Straps in front of and around the dogs chest, instead of nylon webbing to cut the dogs skin on long treks. The side Pouches are a perfect size, complete with a grommet in the bottom of each to drain collected liquids, from rain or from fording rivers. The MOLLE webbing next to the Handle is stupendous for securely attaching more equipment, and the hook-&-loop on the Pouches is perfect to display various Patches. My immediate modifications included: shortening the nylon strap ends slightly, so they don’t flop, a large metal D-ring was slipped into the middle top-front seam allowance, and the bungee cords were removed to serve another purpose. Copper is a German Pinscher. Her Neck girth is 15″ and her Chest measurement is 24″, (Suggested minimums: Neck -18″; Chest – 25″) so I was a bit hesitant because she is smaller than the minimum measurements for this Back Pack. When I ordered it, having sewed a LOT over the years, I knew I could adjust this Back Pack to be a bit smaller as required. . . . . NEVER MIND – it fit ! Before it ever arrived, I talked this Mammoth Back Pack up to the dog, telling her how wonderful her Back Pack is, and how pretty she looks with it on. Fully adjusted to its smallest size, when I tried it on her, it fit quite well – maybe just a teensy bit too large. Despite it was designed for larger dogs, the Pouches fit her quite proportionately. Small as she is, she loves prancing around in it. Shearling boots, bought in West Germany in 1971, with plastic soles & heels, were harvested when the soles disintegrated with time. The shearling was still in excellent condition, and just one piece from the calf, was hand-sewn on the inside of the OneTigris Mammoth Back Pack. Now, the added bulk from the shearling softly pads her lower chest, and it fits her snugly. With the Back Pack on, she is still able to run like the Wind, and to jump over the rear tailgate into the back of her car. And the Coyote Brown color blends perfectly with her coat. She will use this Back Pack as a Certified Service Dog. Buy this OneTigris Mammoth Back Pack with Confidence !

OneTigris Dog Backpack for Hiking Nylon Dog Harness Backpack with Side Pockets for Large Dog with 22″-31.5″ Neck Girth and 29″-35.8″ Chest Girth