Newman’s Own Snack Sticks for Dogs, 5-oz.

  • Soft chewable 4” sticksnewman's own snack sticks for dogs, 5 oz. (pack of 8) review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • Break off small pieces for rewards or training!
  • U. S. Farm-Raised chicken is the #1 ingredient
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Resealable pouch helps maintain freshness



Product Information

  • Brand: Newman’s Own
  • Item Form: Stick
  • Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes
  • Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken, Chickpeas, Molasses, Sweet Potato, Coconut Glycerin, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract (flavor).
  • Flavor: Chicken & Sweet Potato

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks for Dogs, 5-oz. (Pack of 8) Customers Reviews

Daisy M. – I have bought these by the case for years, but the latest shipment was in bad shape. This normal high quality product was dried out and crumbly, not at like the slightly moist product I am used to. I can’t carry them in my pocket while on dog walks because they just turn to crumbs. Either cooked too long or left in a hot warehouse too long, but one of my dogs won’t eat them. I’m really bummed because I support the charitable giving of Newman’s Own.I am considering canceling my subscription.

newman's own snack sticks for dogs, 5 oz. (pack of 8) my little and large pet products marketplace

Ms Minnesota – Have problems with my pup keeping some treats down. These work great for his evening treat. At 8:00 he gets is treat goes outside and then he goes right to bed. Has a great schedule!UPDATE: He still loves these. Just to let you know a few months back I got some packages that were ends and pieces. Not happy! Complained to Newman’s and after a little email tag I got satisfaction.

CDB – This was the 4th time I ordered the same Newman’s chicken and sweet potato snack sticks from this vendor over the last year. They have always arrived promptly and were fresh, soft and pliable and my very picky German shepherd dog loves them! She has a very delicate stomach and very limited on what treats she can eat. I thought the price and ease of delivery was great and happy with their customer service. However, the last box I recently received were hard and stale and Zola refused to eat them. The expiration date was a year away so no issues there. I am now extremely reluctant to try and order again for fear this may happen again. I did not contact the vendor; I probably should have done so. I gave them to a neighbor for her dogs.

lo – Ive bought these regulary for a few years at least. I ordered a box of 8 of these within the last year because it was cheaper to order 8 through Amazon but now it is cheaper to buy them at Target. Also in terms of the quality they did something with the recipe or production (as per usual as companies do to make more money or save money) and for some months they were pale colored (tan instead of dark reddish brown) and broken into tiny pieces. They have improved in the last few months but they still are not the same as they uses to be…there is something off about them. They arent the same. They break easier and are thinner or something

Becky in Iowa – I ordered these not knowing what to expect. Our dog loves them! I’ll definitely get these again, but I probably won’t have to for a while because there are like 8 bags of treats in this package.

Poe – I was a little surprised at how much my spoiled dog loves these treats. He wants them similarly to jerky treats, which are his favorites. However, they are his second best. He always tries to get me to give him two and not just one. I like to find as healthy as I can for him since he is our other son 😉 so I am always happy when he likes something healthy-ish.

JudesM – My dog loves these and so do — I for the 100% charitable donation of profits and the healthy ingredients.

Newman’s Own Snack Sticks for Dogs, 5-oz. (Pack of 8)