Newman’s Own Dog Biscuits, 10-oz.

  • 1. 5” heart-shaped breakable treatsnewman's own dog biscuits, 10 oz. (pack of 6) review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • Great for rewards or training!
  • Made with Organic Barley Flour
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Free of antibiotics or chemical additives; no corn, wheat or soy



Product description

Flavor Name:Turkey & Sweet Potato

Newman’s own dog Biscuits are delicious heart-shaped Biscuits dogs love and are perfect as training rewards or snacks. Biscuits are made with organic Barley Flour and do not contain wheat, corn or soy. Like all Newman’s own products, 100% of profits go to charity. Available in four tasty varieties.

newman's own dog biscuits, 10 oz. (pack of 6) my little and large pet products marketplaceBrand: Newman’s Own

Breed Recommendation: All Breed Sizes

Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour, Turkey, Cane Molasses, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Organic Apples, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Lecithin), Rolled Oats, Rosemary Extract. Organic Barley Flour, Turkey, Cane Molasses, Organic Sweet Potatoes, Organic Carrots, Organic Apples, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols and Lecithin), Rolled Oats, Rosemary Extract.

Flavor: Turkey & Sweet Potato

Age Range Description: All Life Stages

Newman’s Own Dog Biscuits, 10-oz. (Pack of 6) Customer Reviews

H. Bauernsmith – I really like these dog treat and feel that they are a healthy choice. I prefer the small hearts over these larger heart shapes. However, It is easy to break them into halves. I have cavalier with only few teeth left and she can eat them even though they are bit crunchy.

Tm. – My little Pom has one these for a morning treat every morning. She adores the peanut butter flavor. Also she loves the sweet potato one too but the Peanut butter are a slam dunk. Natural and good for our fur babies but we all love they go to charity as well. Paul Newmans brands are so amazing. My fussy little Pom Pom just adores these!

captaindog – These are a great size dog treat. What I really like is that they are smaller size and have a little score in them so it is easy to break them into smaller pieces. I have more than one dog – the biggest is 80 pounds and the smallest is 12 pounds. These treats are great because a big dog can have a whole treat but it’s easy to break into smaller pieces for a smaller dog.My dogs seem to like these and they are a staple for us. The ingredients are cleaner than many other dog treats in the same price range. I highly recommend due to the flexibility in sizing.

Ralph H. – We have been ordering these regularly and they are popular with our two dogs. The bonus is the heart shaped treat has a line down the middle of it. which makes snapping it into two very easy. This is perfect if you feed treats more than once a day . . . helps cut down on the calories, and 2 treats a day actually equates to 1 whole dog treat per day.

Steve and Amy – A few years ago there was a news story about puppies dying from eating dog food. Turns out they were adding euthanized animal meat to dog food. The drug was still in the meat and poisoning the family pet. We make our own dog food but homemade treats have a short shelf life. We know Newman’s Own tries to do the right thing and we have been counting on them for years so we trust the puppy treats will remain safe for our puppy. And she likes them.

CoffeeDrinker – I’ve got 2 golden retrievers, and having a treat ready-to-go at any time has made a big difference in many situations. In the past I’ve used chopped hot dogs as my go-to treat for training and rewarding, but you can’t put them in your pocket unless you use a ziploc (which is a pain). I tried the freeze dried liver treats for a while, but they are really expensive and leave a horrible smell in your pocket. But these treats are perfect. Small (they are scored in the middle for breaking in half), healthy, mostly organic, and no bad smells in your pockets or on your hands. Pretty much every pair of jeans I have has a few of these in one of the pockets.

J.D. – The dog really likes them but they’re kind of sharp at the edges and at times I see her turn them around in her mouth but she still eats them as for the flavor I didn’t rate it because I didn’t take a bite and try it and my brother usually does but he said no way on this one. LOL I think it’s probably good for a Big Dogs not a little dogs. Well if you get it for little dogs get some scissors and cut it in smaller pieces I guess you could do that I cut the edges off for her. I know that’s silly but we love our pets.

Domaru – Imagine being a pup, a rescue pup and now you are 18 years old, blind, deaf and have Addisons disease. Then the vet says, uh kidneys might have a problem. Whaaaaaaat?We like to do win win in this house. That’s why all four fluffs are rescues. And so, when we had to change our girl’s treats to something low(er) protein we did our research and found these bones. Bought a bag for her and she liked them, nay, LOVED them and we thought that was a real win win. She can have her treats and eat them too AND we can support Newman’s Own.Doesn’t get much better than that. She doesn’t miss the extra protein, we get to make her happy and Paul Newman lives on.They were a success!

KMJ760 – 4 Picky Dogs + Newman’s Own Dog Biscuits = 4 Happy Pups!Dog’s ages range from 1 to 10 years. Oldest is a Boston Terrier who has no teeth. Normally she cannot chew or will take anything and she absolutely loves (and begs) for these! Peanut Butter flavor is a hit. Trying the bacon flavor next.Aside from the great taste (according to our dogs), the size is perfect for a treat or even if training. Do not crumble up like a lot of organic treats and are rock solid like many. The price breaks down to $2.99/bag which is half of what they charge at PetsMart. Definitely sticking with buying direct.

Heather M. – These biscuits are great! We use them for training with my Great Dane. I love that they are scored in the middle because it makes it easy to break for training. I also love that they come in separate bags so I know the treats will be fresh when we get to each bag. I love that the ingredients are good quality and my boy loves the tasteM

Newman’s Own Dog Biscuits, 10-oz. (Pack of 6)