rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest Large with Handle

rabbitgoo tactical dog harness vest large with handle review my little and large pet products marketplaceThis Tactical Dog Harness is made of military-grade material for durability. It can bear great pulling force, ensuring your dog is safely harnessed during training, hunting, working and any other occasions.

Well padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin from rubbing and irritation. Two metal shoulder buckles can bear great pulling force so that the harness won’t slip off easily when it’s used for training or walking large dogs.

This tactical vest will help you control your pet more effectively while keeping them comfortable with its soft padding and breathable mesh lining. You’ll be able to train them better as they’ll be less distracted by discomfort from their collar or leash!

Click this link now to get one for yourself before we run out of stock again! Hurry up because this special price won’t last long! We have a wide range of tactical dog vests available at affordable prices so that you can find one that fits both your budget and needs perfectly! Whether you need a harness vest for walking or tracking purposes or something more heavy-duty like our police K9 vest, we have what you need! Our products come in different sizes ranging from XS/S/M/L/XL so there will be no problem finding one that fits your pet perfectly. If you still aren’t sure about which product would suit best then feel free to contact us through email or phone call where we will be happy to help! You can also check out our blog section where we post helpful articles related to pets as well as some fun stuff too!

  • Large Dog Molle Vest for Most Dogs Neck Girth: 24.8″ – 34.6″ (63 – 88cm), Chest Girth: 31.5″ – 41.3″ (80 – 105cm),Belly Length: 13.3″ – 17.7″ (34 – 44.5cm), Back Length: 11.4″ (31cm). Ideal for Large Breeds such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Akita, etc. A professional working dog vest for service, police or military dogs, but also good for hunting and all outdoor companion dogs
  • Military-standard Material for Durability Heavy duty vest made of 1050D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability andrabbitgoo tactical dog harness vest large with handle my little and large pet products marketplace wearability, suitable for all field use. Two Metal Shoulder Buckles can bear great pulling force, ensuring your dog is safely harnessed during training, hunting, working, and any other occasions. Well padded in every pressure load point to protect your dog’s skin, while the breathable air mesh keeps your dog ventilated and comfortable
  • Practical Design For Versatile uses Molle system equipped on both sides for pouches, water bottles, and dog tactical gears. Multiple Hook & Loop Panels for morale patches and badges to showcase your dog’s personality. A wide range of use for personal service, law enforcement, hunting, or outdoor recreation
  • Maximum Control & Securtity Dog safety harness features 2 Metal Leash Attachment Points for safer dog walks – One Front Clip for No-Pull control or dog training, and one Back Clip for casual walking or jogging. Reinforced top handle for additional control and easy lifting aid in both general and treacherous situations
  • Easy Use With Full Adjustment Put on and take off this easy dog harness with 4 quick-release buckles with no hassle. 5 fully adjustable straps (2 Shoulder, 2 Chest, 1 Belly) allow a snug fit with maximum mobility.

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest Large with Handle Customer Review

Ian – It is a really well made vest, I wish I could tighten it more, however I am trying to get my pup to gain a few pounds so who knows. The straps only tighten or loosen one way so it makes it a little hard if, like me you didn’t understand how to get your dogs measurements, to know if it will fit or not, this is made for large dogs, it has a lot of room to loosen up but it fits well enough for my purposes.

Amy – We got this vest today and went out to play fetch. My dog seemed comfortable and I think I just need to work on the vest adjustments to get a better fit. It was supposed to be a green color but I think I received tan. She’s 8 months old, 65 lbs & I ordered a large and cinched it down to fit, as I expect her to keep growing.

Yanmarguy – Fits great ,looks great. Definitely give good control with the handle also

Dom – Really good value & quality harness. Our 6 month old GSD doesn’t pull as much wearing the harness and when he does, it’s not as straining on the arms. Would definitely recommend.

Phil77 – Lots of players in this field offering L/XL harnesses for working dogs, those that pull, etc — but this is the first to fit that role properly.

  • Metal shoulder buckles, greatest stress point; plastic on belly and sides suffices.
  • Ample leash point rings (chest, withers).
  • Webbing – 1 1/2″ throughout is appreciated, nice and clean harness sewing, no unnecessary joints, stress areas are box-stitched for maximum strength.
  • Webbing on belly and chest bands can be longer; my Malamute measured to the middle dimensions as given for sizing this “Large” harness, yet most of the belly webbing was consumed on his big chest. Easier to cut excess than to add.
  • Generous “saddle” to cover the withers, spreads the stress and strain over the back, not on narrow areas.
  • Generous chest pad, appreciated; ample belly pad.
  • Grab handle on shoulders is convenient and sturdy

Myeh — we have no use for all that velcro on the withers saddle, but there is plenty for attaching panniers and pouches for trails and back-country trekking. Again, it’s easier to remove than to add it later.
Note: this rescued Malalmute is a trim 110lb extra-large male and can pull like a freight-train in spite of his 9 years. Also highly Alpha, fiercely dominant to any other canine and extremely prey-driven, so this harness serves well to keep him under control and out of trouble in those situations (I physically have to lift him off his forelegs to prevent me from becoming a human sled).

Adamski – Absolutely top notch harnesses, I have two large dogs GSD, and a GSD cross I purchased 2 of the large harnesses which fitted perfectly with plenty of room to spare my dogs are in the 45kg mark so you can imagine how big!
I really can’t fault the build they are strong breathable and there is also a cussion pad just underneath their chest area so no strap rubbing like others I have bought. There are anchor points underneath for securing them if needed for transportation i.e in the car. There are various points to place velcro patches which I purchased separately but look the business.

Harold Seschilie – I didn’t think our dog would like it because it is a little heavy but he adjusted pretty quickly…he’s 72lbs so that made it easier. Very well made


About The Product

Rabbitgoo Tactical Harness Vest provides superior durability, optimum comfort, and powerful functionality so that you can go out in the world with your loyal companion both safely and enjoyably.

Specially designed by putting 2 individual pieces together, this high-quality harness features Escape-Proof and can be adjusted freely to your dog’s body.

Made of durable material and sturdy metal hardware, plus multiple additional features, this practical harness combines Quality and Versatility together, making it perfect equipment for service/working use, outdoor training, or adventure hiking.

Important Prompt: Please measure your dog carefully and refer to the detailed size chart before the purchase.

You want only the best when it comes to a proper outfit for your canine companion. And the harness should also be practical, for both you and your four-legged friend.

  • Hook-and-Loop Panels – Multiple Magic Tapes strips where you can attach morale badges to identify your special companion
  • Molle System – Two rows on either side that can easily carry your pouches, bottles, and essentials
  • Top-mounted Handle – Quickly control your dog or give a helpful lift when encountering obstacles
  • Front & Back Leash Rings – For leash and tag attachments

Whether your treasured canine is a service dog or domestic pet, he or she deserves a trusted harness, no matter it’s for working, training, exercising, or recreational purposes. Our tactical vest is great for:

  • Service Dogs – Help carry water bottles, medications, and ID tags
  • Police/Military/Working dogs – Give protection, maximum control, and extra storage for equipment
  • Hunting Dogs – For carrying supplies and great visibility while out in the wilderness
  • Outdoor Companion Dogs – Exercise and play with comfort and safety

We know that your furry friend is an irreplaceable member of your family – so why not gear your dog up with a high-quality, functional vest which will also make your dog look super cool and professional?

So gear up! The adventure awaits :)

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest Large with Handle, Military Dog Harness Working Dog Vest with MOLLE & Loop Panels, No-Pull Adjustable Training Vest, Grey, Large Size, Chest (31.5-41.3”)