K9 to 5 GEAR Dog Tug Toy Bite Pillow

  • TUG OF WAR DOG TOY for developing strong dogs and bonding through exercise toys.k9 to 5 gear dog tug toy bite pillow review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • 2 SOFT ROPE HANDLES for a comfortable and easy grip, full control and stability.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE TOY with double stitching and a tough biting sleeve surface made of jute.
  • TRAIN AND BOND OUTDOOR WITH YOUR DOGS like German Shepherd, Malinois, etc. Schutzhund IPO Equipment.


K9 to 5 GEAR Dog Tug Toy Bite Pillow Customer Reviews

Justin Carr – I ordered this and was very optimistic about the quality before I received it. Once I received the product it was pretty well made and seemed sturdy. I used it with my German Sheppard for a couple weeks and it started to come apart. I messaged the manufacture and they responded right away. They sent me a new one and I’ve had no trouble with it over the last several months. The customer service was great and My dog still enjoys the toy.

k9 to 5 gear dog tug toy bite pillow my little and large pet products marketplaceMiles B. – This is so strong!!!! Great woven material and super strong nylon rope. I got this for my parent’s small dog, and it’s not too big by any means. Even if a dog can’t bite the pillow part, they can still bite the rope. Great for training dogs and for fun! Too bad it won’t work for training kids 😉 Fantastic product. Excited to see what else K9to5 Puts out!

bookfanatic – I have a destructive Dutch shepherd so my expectations for durability weren’t overly high. But my dog managed to acquire the toy from where it was hidden and ate through the handles within minutes.
I didn’t test the return/replacement policy since the policy states not to allow unsupervised access.

Vikki – First purchase..tug must have just been freak accident in manufacturing process. Rope handle had ripped out when my dog did a good head shake. I initially wrote a poor review here. Company immediately contacted me, gave me full refund, and sent another tug. This one is perfect and strong. Rope handles are firmly imbedded. Jute middle is strong. ( and after 1st tug had failed we just gave the jute pad to dog to do what he would..and he can’t get through it, using as a chew toy now. And he is a big 120lb American bulldog. ) very pleased with replacement and excellent, on-the-ball customer service.

Pach907 – I purchased two of these to use in training with my 20 month old Belgian Malinois. They arrived today and within an hour one of the loops broke on one of the tugs. The dog was not chewing on it, the line broke when we were tugging against each other; or doing what it was designed and marketed for. I’m not even going to bother sending it back, my time is worth more that what this thing cost. While the tug itself is really high quality the rope portion could have been better manufactured. I’ve edited this entry twice and gave it a three star because the actual tug is good quality, the rope loops are just poorly attached.

Rated 4 out of 5
Jay Kiper – Ike (red boy) eally likes this toy. We use it for reward tugging for agility and stock. He wants to chew the rope handles but that’s not the game. I taught him to jump up and take the burlap part with his mouth then we tug it hard. It’s a nice toy. I’ll order another one since I like them for training. One in the truck and one at home. Grip (blue dog) likes to just harass Ike by trying to take the toy away.

Upperpark23 – Well made quality product. The springs feel springy and the bite pillow feels solid. So, I’m giving it away to my friend who’s dog will really enjoy it. The bite pillow came in a clear plastic bag that’s suitable for gift giving

Teach-R – I was so happy to find a toy that would withstand my dog’s habit of tearing every toy she has apart. My only complaint would be with the straps. It does say on the description for the toy to make sure the dog grabs the pillow. However I expected the side handles to last longer than two days. Perhaps they could be sewn in tighter? The toy can still be played with; it’s just a little harder to hold for Tug-O-War with my strong dog.


K9 to 5 GEAR Dog Tug Toy Bite Pillow – Strong Dog Pull Toy with Tough Jute, 2 Rope Handles