Yes4Quality Durable Dog Bite Sleeve

  • Super Durable – We use the highest quality, incredibly tough jute exterior along with thick foam inner layer to provide a k9 bite sleeveyes4quality durable dog bite sleeve review my little and large pet products marketplace that is soft for your dog’s teeth & keeps you safe from hard bites.
  • Recommended By Dog Trainers – This biting sleeve is a great reward toy and exercise equipment, designed for interactive play and K-9, Schutzhund & protection training! It is trusted by the leading dog trainers working in the military and police sectors.
  • Comfortable & Sturdy Handles – Our dog training sleeve features a comfortable grip & strong inner handle and an external handle. The handles will maximize your control over the gear while optimizing your bite training. Can be used on either left or right arm.
  • Perfect Size 20 x 12″ (52×30 cm) – YES4QUALITY bite sleeve has enough space for dogs to bite and for you to avoid accidental bites & train your doggie without fear. It is perfect for big puppies and adult medium to large breeds, such as German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Pitbull, etc.
  • Keep Your Fingers Safe? The end of the sleeve is closed for your absolute safety. It is almost impossible for your furry friend to bite it through. Don’t miss this Handmade Jute Bite Sleeve for Dogs!

Yes4Quality Durable Dog Bite Sleeve Customer Reviews

Bernard P. – Just arrived today. My dog was super excited and went right to work. Seems nice and durable. Plenty of padding and a good, large surface for bite work. Very pleased with this product.

yes4quality durable dog bite sleeve my little and large pet products marketplaceLloyd – This is a great product that my Dutch Shepherd loves 💖 to play with/ attack. She gets so wound up when we get this out. It is very durable that withstands her massive bite. You have to be careful when the dog goes to bite or attack it because they can get ahold of your arm(through the sleeve- not directly) if you are not holding your arm just right. But it’s not too bad, it still protects you. Would definitely buy again to help train my roof my dogs!!

ron harden – We use this as a tug of war with our giant malamute/shepherd mix who used to tear through our winter Carhart coats from his bite. This is a great alternative for him and a great training tool. So comfortable and fun!

KG – My 18 month girl who’s 70lbs loves bite work. So far it’s held up very well. The only thing that I’m not thrilled about is that it doesn’t breathe at all and gets hot fast. Though that’s not enough to drop any stars. Keeps the user safe and my Dutchy loves it.

Rachel – Such a wonderful bite sleeve. My gsd knew exactly what it was when I took it out of the box and is loving it. Can’t feel bites & plenty of arm space. 2 comfortable grip handles & great jute material. Definitely recommend.

Chris C. – Our dog it a shepherd/boxer mix and tips the scale at 73 pounds (and we keep our dogs lean, since we like them to live a long time). He will open to take a full bit, but prefers to try and grab the edges. It is a training process. He does enjoy it a LOT.
Some people spook that this teaches the dog to bit them. Unless the dog has sustained a signifant head injury, he will not be confused between your arm and your arm with a bit sleeve on it. When I pick up the sleeve, our dog immediately knows it’s a play time. Seems fairly strong and sturdy. You DO NOT feel his teeth inside the sleeve (there is additional padding). The outer material shows signs of use, but there is no weakening of the sleeve.

Emilly – Great product well made. I have a full size German shephard and this product is still going strong

Durable Dog Bite Sleeve – Strong Jute Training Equipment for Medium to Large Dogs (German Shepherd, etc.) – Perfect for K9, IPO, Schutzhund & Puppy Training – Safe Padded Biting Sleeve for Either Arm