• 2 removable reflective patches one for each side of the harnessdoggie stylz service dog harness with removable saddle bag backpack carrier traveling carrying bag. 2 removable patches. review my little and large pet products marketplace
  • 2 removable saddlebags that feature interchangeable identifying panels
  • Reflective strip and lettering on both sides for added safety
  • The underside is made of Neoprene which adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions
  • 2 Adjustable Straps for premium & custom fit


Product description

Doggie Stylz Multipurpose Pet Dog Nylon Harness with 2 reflective Patches and 2 Side Bags. These harnesses are perfect for service dogs, therapy dogs, medical alert dogs, law enforcement, and a lot more. The Saddle Bags provides you with two convenient bags on each side for your wallet, cell phone, keys, or other items you may need for yourself or your dog. These harnesses can be used for walking, biking, hiking, tracking, hunting; various support tasks, and a lot more. Made of durable breathable nylon with neoprene lining adds reinforcement and guards against abrasions. Machine washable and weather-resistant materials make this harness low maintenance and very practical in all life situations. The trim and chest strap around the harness is reflective for maximum safety. EZ Grab handle provides total control of the dog in any situation. The easy snap release buckle makes this harness the easiest harness to put on and take off. Please measure your dog’s girth behind the front legs at the widest point before ordering (see attached picture) This harness includes 2 Patches and 2 Side Bags.

Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness with Removable Saddle Bag Backpack Customer Reviews

doggie stylz service dog harness with removable saddle bag backpack carrier traveling carrying bag. 2 removable patches my little and large pet products marketplaceThe Gongs – I thought I already reviewed this but for some reason it doesn’t show that I did. Anyway. I bought the largest size for my Black Lab. His girth is well under the maximum for this size. He looks ridiculous. The harness is WAY too small and looks very miniature on him. The only thing that makes it larger is that it has more nylon strapping. But the harness itself would be more suited for a 20-30 lb dog. More strapping doesn’t make this right for a larger dog. The price is certainly more than is justified by a few more inches of nylon. But when I contacted the vendor they told me that it was too bad… that’s how they are made.

JARRETT GEYER – I have had several of these now, they stand up to heavy abuse, brush rolling in the dirt and running into walls, highly reflective even after over a year of abuse. I recommend if your Service dog is not used to “packs” you should remove the Service Dog patches or purchase spares. They will get badly scraped up as your dog learns how to walk with them on. My Service Dog is 70 pounds with the D ring hooked to a seat belt he survived a serious car accident with only minor bruising. The harness had some stitching that was damaged through out it, so I replaced it.

lorniedoon – i love this vest. this is a very sturdy set. I use it daily for walks and load a 16oz water bottle in each side for weight and it does great. my dogs measured 30″ at the widest part of his chest and the stomach belt fits great. only complain is the that chest reflector belt part is a little long so even on the tightest it can go its still kind of loose once all the weight is added to the bags. but i can just cut some of the end of the strap off and it will have more room to tighten so no worries. better quality and fits better that the dog backpacks at REI that are double the price. will recommend to friends/family!

rs – After about 8 short uses, the harness and pack are holding up well. Unfortunately the “Service Dog” label is separating from the Velcro holder, and crumbling off.. Now appears as “ERVICE DOG.” I will look for a way to contact the seller to ask for a replacement, and hope they have a suggestion as to how to make the label-to-Velcro connection secure going forward.
January review: Great for my service dog 4 stars
This harness-pack set has been in use only a couple of weeks so far, so ‘durability’ is not yet known. We DO recommend this harness-pack set, it seems sturdy, comfortable for the dog, easy to access, and robust – the packs and signs stay attached.
This is a good, sturdy harness-pack set, lightweight compared to others, goes on very easily, and stays on well.
We chose the straight black instead of the cute red or purple, and find it DOES help keep people from approaching and petting the dog uninvited. The Ruffwear pack set we have (a dark teal) does not prevent this. The black does communicate “Service Dog” effectively. [NOTE laws do not require Service Dog signs, but they help with recognition. PLEASE adhere to the qualifications for a service dog, search for ADA or ADA-AA.]
The 60-pound service dog finds this set comfortable, and there is clearance to place a winter coat underneath (dog girth 32.5″ .) The Size: Girth 30-42″ fits but the chest strap is too large and sticks out a couple of inches from the body fully closed. That allows the harness to slip a bit, but the slippage seems less extreme than other brands. Pulling the attachment strap past its natural ‘fully closed’ position does address that. I think the girth strap could use a pad, although the dog does not seem to mind the rough texture.
The harness fits a 110-pound 40″-girth dog well, but the packs look tiny on it and do not take advantage of the larger dog’s carrying potential. The Ruffwear pack stays for the larger dog, and the collapsible water bowl goes into a separate carrier for the smaller dog.
I like the square packs, they hold their shape well and the sections are easy to access. We need the side packs to be an inch or two wider for the 60-pound dog, and significantly wider and taller for the 40″-girth dog. Also these packs look tiny and silly on a large dog, which does affect how the public views and treats it. The fabric seems sturdy but would be easily punctured – we would not put exposed pens or pencils or keys in these packs. The contents fit very snugly, we have to remove several items to retrieve just one.
The Velcro attachment for the packs and the Service Dog tags are clever and work well. However, as the pack brushes against a door frame or wall, the Velcro closures tear apart. They are easy to reattach and sometimes do so spontaneously, because of the long, wide, strong strips used. The sound is disconcerting, every time. The top stabilizing straps do help with this.
The edges of the Velcro Service Dog labels are sharp and catch and tear the wool from sweaters, scarves, and mittens, damaging those articles over time, and making the tags look messy. The edges should be finished more professionally (looking for a solution?)

Bradley – The Good:
I bought this for my Newfoundland so the 30-42 inch girth worked perfectly for me. The harness itself does a very good job with helping lead my dog since he was trained on a gentle lead (which works essentially the same way by lifting against his chest). However my dog is extremely well trained so that probably made a difference. I really enjoyed the look and quality of this harness as well, it feels sturdy and I am convinced it will last quite a while. The red and black is a great color choice, it looks good but also helps slightly at night. IT also has a reflector strip on the front that seems to reflect light as well.
The Bad.
You would think from the picture that the saddle is help up by that strap that is resting on it in the picture. If you look close however, that is not the case. In fact, the saddle is only held up by one strip of Velcro. This is perfectly fine if you want to carry your poo bags, but the moment you put anything even remotely heavy (i.e. Water Bottles, heavy chew toys or bones), they do not work well. They sag down big time and fall off the moment he jumps. This is the only reason I am giving this harness a 4 star instead of 5 star review. Everything else is pretty darn nice!

Doggie Stylz Service Dog Harness with Removable Saddle Bag Backpack Carrier Traveling Carrying Bag. 2 Removable Patches.