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  • Interactive Dog Toy: Tug toys are great reward and exercise toys, suitable for indoor and outdoor play. It’s designed for tug of war,dog tug toy dog training bite pillow jute bite toy review my little and large pet products marketplace Schutzhund, agility, ring sport, police K9, and more.
  • Not a Chew Toy: This dog tug toy is built safe and tough but no toy is indestructible. Tug Toys are meant for interactive tugging between you and your dog only, not chew toys.
  • High Quality: High quality and durable toy with double stitching and a tough biting sleeve surface made of jute. 2 handles for a comfortable and easy grip, full control, and stability.
  • Perfect Size for a Safe Play: The toy is perfectly sized to make it easy to hold for interactive play or fetch, while it won’t cause any damage when thrown around by your dog.
  • Keep in mind this is a tug toy for you and your dog, unsupervised chewing is not recommended. Don’t allow your doggie to keep the toy after interaction has finished and don’t let him bite the handles.




Bessie Johnson – I didn’t have all the issues everyone else has, it’s a very very sturdy and hard toy, my Malinois loves it, she is a very very rough and strong Mali, she’s 68 pounds of muscle so for me, it was more than sturdy and everything I needed as she destroyed everything else, we’ve had it for about two weeks now and no rips or anything f and we have played everyday with it for thirty minutes or more. I hope this review helps someone looking to buy this product

Steven Hodgkins – I have a Belgian Malinois. This is the toy that he loves. We play tug for at least an hour every day. I am on my second one, but that is my fault. I left this on the floor and he chewed the handles off. Very well made.

Dodger712 – This product did not stand up to my German Shepherd’s strong bite. She easily chewed the strap in half and then began to shred the body of the product. It might work well as a training device but as a general toy I do not recommend. My determined girl had it in shreds in just a few days and I had to toss it to keep her from eating the threads and stuffing.

Arkalala – I bought 3 of these for my pup thinking they would be a great way for me and my pup to interact. Unfortunately within about 10 minutes of tug the camouflage fabric was shredded in several spots and stuffing was coming out. **Note I never let my pup play with jukes by herself, these things are defective. Needless to say I have since setup a return for the other two. Do yourself a favor and buy the french linen style of tug. Tried to save a few bucks on this one and instead wasted my time.

Geoffrey – Barely used and my dog already has snagged his teeth in the (cheap) Jute weave and has consequently torn thread with no real effort. I will continue to use for as long as I can, but I can guarantee if my dog was left alone for less than 3 min with this there would be nothing left. Could be great for an introduction toy for a working dog, early stages of puppy life type of thing. In fairness my dog is an aggressive chewer, however all play/interaction with the purchased toy was in a controlled setting and was intentionally keeping his drive relatively low, we were working the tug and no chewing was allowed… On the plus side. my dog absolutely loves it, but I wouldn’t but or recommend this product from this seller

KMN – 2 year old Belgian Malinois loves it. We have to hide it if we aren’t going to play, the second she sees it its game on! The dual handles is great so I can keep a good hold and get my fingers away from her teeth. The stitching holds up well the being tugged on (my shoulder and arms gave up and the stitching is still holding strong) I wish the material of the tug part was little more durable. It just seems like a heavy canvas. There are a couple places her teeth have split the weave and there in a minor amount of fluff peeking out after the first round of play. Over all a great tug though

Derrick Redman – I don’t recommend this item for large dogs, I bought this item for my dog(Pitbull) It last 5 second

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