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  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our training tunnel and carrying bag are made of 190T tear-resistant polyester fabric; Even after being scratched by the paws, there will be no large-scale damage; Training poles are made of ABS, which has a very good strong impact resistance and moisture; Environmental protection materials make it non-toxic and odorless; You can rest assured to use it for your pets; More than that, our nails are made of stainless steel; Withstands the test of time, even when used outdoors
  • BETTER COMBINATION – We have the most complete training set prepared for you?Our set includes a 55.12″ long pets tunnel; 8 double-colored obstacle bars with ground nails installed; square fixed-point pause box and 10 stainless steel L-shaped ground nails etc.; In addition, we also prepared you two carrying bags for tunnels and poles and a small Oxford bag for nails and components; It is convenient for you to easily organize and carry at any time
  • A GREAT CHOICE FOR PETS – Our dog obstacle agility training kit are perfect for your pet training?You can do agile training for these cute little guys, which includes tunnel drilling, pauses, jumping and more; Whether it is physical training, agility training, or the ability to show off your pet’s exclusive skills in the pet world, it is your best choice; If you are raising a pet for the first time, congratulations, our kit is a great platform for you to meet new partners
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Although the kit has many parts, it does not affect your installation?The set is equipped with sufficient ground nails, suitable for indoor and outdoor training?Considering that pets may have tunnel offset due to their large size during the tunnel, we added 2 additional webbings at both sides of the tunnel to ensure that it won?t slip during training; We also equipped you with 2 carrying bags, which is convenient for you to store anytime, even if you are traveling by car
  • ENJOY WONDERFUL TIME TOGETHER – I believe that any pet lover will spend a lot of time on their pets, because the companionship between people and pets is mutual; Building mutual trust is a key step in getting acquainted with your pet; The purchase of such a training combination set is nothing but a icing on the cake; After training again and again, not only the agility of pets is increased, but your little cutes are also enough to enjoy the full love of the owner
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7 reviews for DEStar Dog Agility Equipment

  1. Alisa

    The product is fine and my dog is working it well

  2. Gene

    Loved the tunnel, but the stakes for the jump were flimsy and the run through stakes the same.
    I have a big dog and she keeps pushing them instead of going around them. We are having fun!

  3. lgem Eric

    Easy setup. I’m happy that my dog enjoyed this course kit. This is a great starter kit for the beginning level of agility training. It’s great that I can now train my dog in my backyard. We set it up and used treats to train our dog running through the obstacles. I would recommend this training course kit for my pet lover friends.

  4. T. D.

    Very easy to assemble and great for beginners to start out. Can’t wait to add more onto the course. Perfect for my small yard area!!

  5. Nixster

    Just what we needed

  6. Chris Darnielle

    I found this to be well worth the price. The materials are easy to set up and while I don’t leave the tunnel up when not using it, the others have been in my dog’s area for several months with no problem. The tunnel takes little time to set up or take down. When I decided to store the pieces for winter they were easy to take down, and the storage provided takes up very little room.
    My dog was happy to learn to things especially as treats were part of the training.

  7. Pn123

    For the price, these were very well made. I was not expecting high quality equipment, but everything was sturdy and easy to stick in our hard Arizona ground. They probably won’t withstand the weather, so they must be picked up after each use, but again, I wasn’t expecting long-standing equipment. The weave poles were a little shorter than I was used to, but it worked well for the kids who were using it. Everything came in a nice carry case. Overall, a great traveling agility set.

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