Chai’s Choice – Rover Scout High-Performance Tactical Backpack – Dog Harness

  • Dupont Cordura? Waterproof fabric that is extremely durable. Military Grade and Industrial Strength, our Harness is made to endurechai's choice rover scout high performance tactical backpack my little and large pet products marketplace the most Extreme Conditions.
  • 2 Detachable (7″ x 5″) Utility Pouches with MOLLE strip on each (5″ x 2″ and 3.5″ x 1″). Main MOLLE strip on top of harness (8″ – 10″ x 2.5″) Durable SBS Zippers on Utility Pouches
  • High Visibility 3M Reflective material throughout harness ensures High Visibility in all conditions. Available in 3 Colors (Army Green, Black/Red, Purple)
  • Duraflex Buckles, Aluminum Alloy D-Ring, Soft Mesh Breathable Padding, and Ergonomic Fully Adjustable Design are all High-End Features
  • CHAI’S CHOICE – Owned and operated by a retired US Navy veteran in Sarasota, Florida. Chai’s Choice has earned a solid reputation for offering high-quality pet products since 2014

Chai’s Choice – Rover Scout High-Performance Tactical Backpack – Dog Harness Customer Reviews

Melissa M.: Overall it isn’t a bad vest. It seemed like it would be perfect for my service dog. It works, but I am not going to keep it as my permanent vest for him. I’ll keep it as a backup if needed. There are a couple of things about it that have been frustrating. It seems well made. However, the zipper on one of the saddlebags broke within the first month of use. I have a standard poodle. It seems no matter how I adjust the harness, the vest slides to one side or the other. It does not matter if I have the saddlebags removed completely, or if I have one or two bags on at once. The overall fit of the harness is just odd. It did come with a tag that you’re supposed to be able to register and people can scan the bar code and get your information if the dog is ever lost. The website where you register never worked. No big deal, that isn’t why I bought the vest, But – if you’re going to offer something additional, it would be nice if it worked

mhmm: I really want to love this product. Before I tell you all the amazing things about it, here are my frustrations. I ordered a large vest for my service dog as the buckle on his old one broke (different vest altogether). Well instead of getting the large vest I ordered, the company sent me a medium. I clicked return and within 36 hours had another vest here. I was so impressed with how quickly it got here… UNTIL I OPENED THE BOX! They sent me another medium!! There isn’t an option for another replacement to be sent so I have to wait for the refund before I can order the new one, and meanwhile, the buckle on his old vest is broken! Ugh. OK, now the good parts. I have tried several vest styles throughout our time together and with his narrow but deep chest, he needs 3 under straps. I prefer molle bags to other saddlebags because they stay stationary as he moves. This vest has both. It is sturdy and well made, soft and padded inside, and I absolutely love the hole on the bottom of the molle bag for poop bags. The straps on the molle bags weren’t threaded correctly on either vest, so it’s not as sturdy until you re-thread them, which isn’t that big of a deal. In the pictures it looks like the buckles are metal, they are plastic which I prefer because it is less unnecessary weight. Also, I didn’t notice the tracking tag on the vest! He is microchipped, but this way anyone can scan it, which is awesome! So a great product, decent customer service, but dear God just ship the right product in the first place!

Sanford Field: I have three dog backpacks – two Chinese-made ones that went for around $25-30. This cost almost doubles that, and I’m pretty sure it is exactly the same build quality, material quality, etc. I bought it on the notion that it would be nicer because of the higher price, but it is pretty much exactly the same, just double the cost. It also has no leash attachment ring on the front, which is annoying, and the pouches are too small to get much of anything in, which kind of defeats the purpose of putting a backpack on the dog in the first place. It’s not a badly made object, but the design flaws should be addressed and the cost needs to be more in line with what competitors are charging. Right now you have an equally good object with some genuinely annoying qualities, and it costs more than double what the competing products cost. I’m giving it three stars because it isn’t bad or anything, just “boldly priced.”

Southern Yankee: It is an ok harness and would be fine for most dogs. If your dog has an extremely deep chest (borzoi, Scottish deerhound, Afghan hound, etc.), this will not work! There is not enough distance from the chest plate to the 1st girth strap…it either pulls the chest strap down impeding the front leg/shoulder movement or it yanks the girth strap too tightly behind his front legs, causing severe pinching and discomfort. With all the straps loosened to the maximum allowed, my dog still needed a few more inches, especially in the chest plate area. Also, the straps are on the narrow side and are printed with the word ‘WHINEY PET’ in red. Even if this had fit my dog, I don’t think I would want ‘Whiney Pet’ printed all over the straps.
I really wanted this harness to work and If they made it one more size larger, it might; but it would still be hard dealing with WHINEY PET imprinted all over the straps.

Linda Dunivan: The vest seems well maid. We got it for our husky because my husband takes her everywhere with him. He is a truck driver. I wish the head hole could be adjusted but other than that seems to fit well. It goes on different than her old vest so there is an adjustment period. She walks funny for the first few mins then is fine. I have no idea why other than it feels different to her. The side packs aren’t just velcroed on which is nice. They don’t come off easily. The major downside is that there is a tracking code for the vest which is awesome… IF I could actually register it. It’s a Chinese website and requires you to put in your phone number to cre0ate an account. They are supposed to send a code to your phone to register. But im in the US… can’t get a code from China. If this actually worked, there is a small tag on the vest that someone who found your dog could scan to get her owner information, and (I’m not positive) I think you can track your dog to and get a general location. Great concept. Loved the idea… was excited about it.. until it wasn’t possible to use.

Lainy: This is perfect for my Service Dog who will be carrying medical equipment and supplies, and have a child tethered to them in an emergency.
Like the previous reviewer said it is very durable and the XLG fits my growing Newfoundland nicely with its easily adjustable straps. A dog is able to move freely with no issues.
Update: Still no issues and worked extremely well for Autism Anchor dog training and is a perfect fit for Search And Rescue as I can also tether my pack to her vest as needed. Everyone on our team is extremely pleased with it.

Ernie Tanzer: returned it because the neck hole was too small for my dog. Their sizing system runs on the small side, wish they would include more measurements in their size chart, stuff like distance from the bottom of neck hole to first strap behind front arms, distance between second and third strap.


About The Product


Chai’s Choice was founded in 2014 by a retired Navy Senior Chief who has a profound love of animals. We are an operation that prides itself on superior service and great attention to detail in everything we do. We still run our company out of Sarasota, Florida. Our mission is to find and offer unique high-quality pet products for your pampered pet. Named after Chai, my spoiled Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is the inspiration behind the company and model for many of our pet products.

Chai’s Choice – High-Performance Tactical Backpack

Chai’s Choice Rover Scout is the Ultimate Backpack Tactical Harness designed specifically for Hiking, Camping, Working Dogs, and Service Dogs. For owners that expect nothing but the best, our Rover Scout Harness has a variety of features that make our harness a standout Top Performer in this category.

Comfort and Safety – Wherever You Are

Designed with reflective material for good visibility at night and a sturdy handle for looping a seat belt through to secure your dog while riding in your car. From the coast to the mountains – to your daily walks – Chai’s Choice is designed for you.


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Chai’s Choice – Rover Scout High-Performance Tactical Backpack – Dog Harness with Dupont Cordura Waterproof Fabric and MOLLE Accessories, Dog Carrier Backpacks for Service Dogs (X-Large, Black/Red)