Better Sporting Dogs Deluxe Agility Equipment Set

  • Featuring a 26″ wide adjustable bar jump, and adjustable tire jump that is 24″ in diameter, 6 fixed base weave poles, a 10′ long tunnelbetter sporting dogs complete starter agility set for dogs review my little and large pet products marketplace with 4 sandbags, and a pause box. *Sand not included.
  • Excellent training tool! Agility training strengthens the bond and increases the interaction between you and your dog. Most importantly, it is FUN for you and your puppy.
  • Lightweight, durable agility materials that can be used indoors or outdoors for practicing in all weather.
  • Comes with carrying cases for each piece of equipment for easy transport and organization
  • Ideal for most sized dogs, and great for all dog trainers


Product Description

Easily used indoors or outdoors – train in all weather!

With the fixed base, you can bring training indoors in bad weather. It is also more suitable for areas that don’t have consistent grass coverage – such as desert regions. Lastly, the fixed position means you will never have to measure to ensure equal distance is between the weave poles.

They really are the best choice!

A challenging obstacle for intelligent dogs

better sporting dogs complete starter agility set for dogs my little and large pet products marketplaceA bored dog can be a destructive dog. The weave poles are a physical and mental workout for your dog. Practicing agility training together will lead to a more fulfilling life & a closer bond between you and your dog.

Easy to separate for 2X2 training

One of the most challenging agility obstacles for dogs and trainers is often the weave poles. The fixed base design allows you the option to train weave poles using the “2X2” method. This method is beneficial for teaching your dog to learn the weave poles independently – without looking to you to lure them through each time.

The best size for use at home

At a length of 10 feet long, the Better Sporting Dogs tunnel is a great length for indoor and outdoor use. It isn’t too long for indoor use, yet it is still long enough to form the “U-shaped” bend that you will frequently see in an agility course. The 24-inch diameter is the standard diameter of competition-grade agility courses and is suitable for most dog breeds.


By utilizing the sandbags on either end of our agility tunnel, you will no longer need to worry about metal stakes. The metal stakes can always get lost or rust. In addition, there is the potential that the metal stakes could come loose and cause injury to your dog’s feet or legs as they run through the tunnel. Using sandbags is a safe and secure method of keeping your tunnel in place.

Supported by two sets of sandbags

Tunnels are generally considered to be a safe & fun obstacle for dogs of any age – from puppies to senior dog! However, it is important to use sandbags to help secure security from rolling around while the dog is inside. This helps dogs overcome any fears that they might have

Use Your Way

The Adjustable Bar Jump can be used in two ways: Secure the bar into the jump clip provided, or place the bar in to the area on top of the bracket so it falls away if your dog hits it during the jump. No matter which set-up is your preference, you can use this bar jump both ways.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

The tire jump has a fixed base so it can be used on any surface – indoors or outdoors. You will be able to practice agility with your dog no matter what the weather has in store! In addition, it is fully adjustable by sliding the brackets up and down the upright poles. Dogs that are just starting out have the option to let the tire jump increase in height as their confidence increases.

Safe & Fun Exercise for your Dog

Agility training is a safe and fun way to exercise your dog. Working together towards a common goal increases the bond you share. The Better Sporting Dogs agility kits offer a quality, yet affordable option for you to try today.

Better Sporting Dogs Deluxe Agility Equipment Set | 7pc Dog Agility Equipment | 3 Jumps | 2 Tunnels with Sandbags | Weave Poles | Pause Box