Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Set for Dogs

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  • Featuring a 26? wide adjustable bar jump, an adjustable tire jump that is 24? in diameter, 6 fixed base weave poles, a 10? long tunnel with 4 sandbags, and a pause box. *Sand not included.
  • Excellent training tool! Agility training strengthens the bond and increases the interaction between you and your dog. Most importantly, it is FUN for you and your puppy.
  • Lightweight, durable agility materials that can be used indoors or outdoors for practicing in all weather.
  • Comes with carrying cases for each piece of equipment for easy transport and organization
  • Ideal for most sized dogs, and great for all dog trainers
Training Type

Agility Training

6 reviews for Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Set for Dogs

  1. Alethea Dunn

    Somewhat flimsy by design, it keeps it light weight easy to carry. BUT I had no instructions in the box. The connecter package was busted open. And after assembling all the units i finally realized i am missing 3 extensions and 3 extension poles. For the price to have missing parts and flimsy it’s just not worth the hassle or money.

  2. Barbara

    So I have to say this product was made very cheaply. I have a 2 yr old border collie and all he did was step on it and the damn thing broke. it’s made very cheaply not worth the money to not get. You can easily go to Home Depot and do the same thing with PVC pipe at least that sturdier.

  3. Gina Mulderig

    Overall, the set is a very good value. Nice for getting started. The jumps are a little flimsy but the tunnel is nice. Takes a while to put together but the instructions were clear and easy to understand.

  4. K. Anderson

    Bought this course for my 20 lb terrier mix who is pretty familiar with the equipment from dog parks. While the weaving poles are giving him some trouble, he’s doing a lot better on other parts that usually cause him problems (he hates the 4 ft tunnel at the park, but this one is no big deal). We even managed to set it up inside the living room (a little cramped, but it still fit)!
    When we tried it with my 10 yr old 80 lb lab who //is// a beginner, it was still workable. With the exception of the tunnel, she caught on to the concept of the course quickly enough. It was more that she wasn’t interested in doing anything “hard”, so the hurdle and hoop had to be set at “walk over/through” level. She could also make it through the tunnel if you left a trail of treats, but otherwise she’d just walk around to where you were, lol.
    Finally, my niece and nephew loved this thing. My niece (8) had fun helping me set it up and convincing the dogs to try it at first, but then both her and my nephew (6) just lounged in the tunnel for a while. They really enjoyed removing the sandbags and rolling it around on the floor, so at least we’re getting multiple uses out of it.
    My only critique of the product is that the tunnel is a little tricky to wrap up– it’s very springy and took two people to put away (one to hold both sides, one to velcro). Not much of a complaint, really, but a little awkward. The little black pegs that go on the ends are ridiculously difficult to put on and take off, but I think that’s the point, because you don’t want them to come off. Everything else is pretty straightforward and stable, so I’m really excited!

  5. schhrotts

    Good quality equipment! I would recommend

  6. thomas sehnert

    Easy assembly light weight enjoy working with the puppy on this coarse

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