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When providing a secure and comfortable space for your dog, kennels are one of the best options. But the decision doesn’t end with opting for a “dog kennel.” The next pivotal question is whether to use an indoor or outdoor model. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the intricacies of indoor and outdoor kennels, weighing the pros and cons of each to help you make an educated choice.

The Basics of a Dog Kennel

A dog kennel is a confined space, usually with walls and a roof, designed to keep your dog safe, relaxed, and possibly even entertained.

Why Do Dogs Need Kennels?

Kennels serve multiple purposes—from being a cozy nook for your dog to relax to a safe enclosure that prevents them from running into unsafe areas.

Overview of Indoor Kennels

Pros of Indoor Kennels

  1. Climate Control: The indoor setting allows for better control over temperature, ensuring your dog stays comfortable year-round.
  2. Ease of Monitoring: With the kennel inside your home, it’s easier to keep an eye on your pet.

Cons of Indoor Kennels

  1. Space Limitation: Indoor kennels typically take up room in your house and might be restrictive in size.
  2. Less Outdoor Exposure: When kept indoors for long periods, your dog won’t benefit from natural sunlight and fresh air.

Overview of Outdoor Kennels

Pros of Outdoor Kennels

  1. Ample Space: Outdoor kennels usually offer more room for your dog to roam freely.
  2. Natural Environment: Dogs enjoy the fresh air and sunlight and can engage more naturally with their environment.

Cons of Outdoor Kennels

  1. Weather Dependent: An outdoor kennel is subject to the whims of the weather, requiring more substantial construction to withstand the elements.
  2. Security Concerns: The possibility of other animals intruding or your dog finding a way to escape is higher with outdoor kennels.

Comparative Factors to Consider

Material Choices

Indoor kennels are often made of lighter materials like plastic or mesh, while outdoor kennels may be built with sturdy metal or wood.

  • Accessibility & Portability: Indoor kennels are more portable and easier to move, whereas outdoor kennels are generally more permanent fixtures.
  • Maintenance Needs: Outdoor kennels require additional maintenance to keep them in good condition. Unlike indoor kennels, they are generally easier to clean and maintain.

Real-Life Scenarios: When to Choose What?

For Apartment Dwellers

An indoor kennel is your best bet if you live in an apartment with limited space.

For House Owners with a Yard

If you own a home with a spacious yard, an outdoor kennel can offer a more enriching environment for your dog.

Frequent Travelers

A portable indoor kennel might be more suitable if you often travel with your pet.

FAQs on Indoor vs. Outdoor Dog Kennels

Can Outdoor Kennels Be Used Indoors?

While it’s possible, outdoor kennels are generally too large and may not suit the interior decor.

Are Indoor Kennels Suitable for All Dog Breeds?

Some larger breeds may find indoor kennels restrictive. Be sure to check size specifications when shopping.

Where to Shop for Dog Kennels:

My Little and Large Marketplace

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Amazon’s Top-Rated

Amazon offers an extensive range of kennels with customer reviews to help you make an informed choice.

Home Depot Dog Kennels

Home Depot has diverse dog kennels, with options for every breed and size.

Local Pet Stores

Don’t overlook your local pet stores; they often provide personalized advice and recommendations based on your needs.


Choosing between an indoor and outdoor dog kennel is an important decision with long-term implications for you and your pet. From space and material to maintenance and accessibility, both types of kennels have pros and cons. You can choose the most suitable kennel for your furry friend by carefully considering your specific needs and circumstances.

Buying a dog kennel is an essential decision for any pet parent.

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