what do you reccomend for a new puppy
A new puppy is a huge responsibility, and it can seem a little overwhelming at first. However, you simply need to research “What do you recommend for a new puppy,” and you will be a good dog owner in no time. Puppies will need a leash, food and water bowl, food, a bed, and possibly a crate. Things to chew on such as bones and toys would be recommended as they will chew, all puppies chew. Also, be sure to prepare yourself for what is ahead. With proper training and a little bit of patience, you will become an amazing dog owner in no time.

Raising a Healthy & Well-Adjusted Puppy

A well-adjusted puppy is a dog that has been raised in a loving and nurturing environment. The goal of raising a well-adjusted puppy is to ensure that they grow into a happy and healthy adult canine. There are many techniques for raising well-adjusted puppies, but three main aspects should be considered.

The three main aspects of raising healthy and well-adjusted puppies:

1) Finding the right breeder: not all breeders provide the same services, and it’s important to find one who has good bloodlines and can support you with your questions or concerns. Not all breeders are the same. Be sure that you can see the mom and dad of the puppy as well. This will ensure that you are dealing with a breeder that cares about the outcome of their pups.

2) Socialization: this is one of the most important parts of raising a well-adjusted pup. It helps them become more confident, social beings which will make them better pets later on. If you have a dog park, this is a perfect way to keep your pup socialized. It is becoming more and more common, even in rural areas, to have one. If you don’t, walking in public with your pup can help with socialization skills as well.

3) Training: training helps puppies and new puppy owners. Training can come in many forms, do what is comfortable for you. Your dog will pick up on things such as if you are nervous or have fear. Don’t let them smell fear, be confident in your training choices. If you feel you shouldn’t try to train on your own, many training facilities can assist with this.

How to Prepare Your Home When You’re Bringing a New Dog Home

Bringing a dog home is a big decision, so it’s important to prepare your home for their arrival.

Before bringing your new dog home, take some time to assess the safety of the space you’ll be living in. Do you have stairs? Are there any areas of your house that are off-limits to your pup? Are there things left out that could be destroyed by a new puppy?

When you first bring a puppy home, there is going to be some chaos. Be sure that you minimize this by puppy-proofing your house. Take some time to put trash bins in secure locations, pick up all your shoes, and put away anything you don’t want to be ruined. You will have accidents, be sure you are ready to roll with those punches by having carpet cleaners and other cleaners on hand.  Get a large pack of paper towels, as you will use more than you think.  You also might want to consider getting some poop bags to carry with you on your walks.