what is a dog harness
A dog harness is often used instead of a collar. You can put your dog’s tags on the harness just as you would do with a collar so that when lost, they can be returned to you.  Having proper tags on your dog is important, even with the best-trained dog, as they can get spooked and run without thinking. Things such as loud noises or flashing lights can scare them at a moment’s notice, and they are gone.  Be sure that whether you choose a dog collar or a dog harness for your dog, you have proper identification on it.  

What is a dog harness?  This is a great question, it is typically a piece of equipment that dog owners use to have better control of their dog.  It usually has a strap around the torso of the dog’s body and the collar area, sort of like a vest.  Many times the harness will have an attachment area that is more in the middle of the dog for a leash. This will give the person that is handling the dog more control over them. 

Reasons for Using a Dog Harness

It will help not choke the dog when the handler is trying to handle the dog.  A dog harness helps correct pulling.  Many times harnesses are preferred as they cannot hurt the dog. This is a great safety feature for those dogs that are fearless and don’t understand heights very well.

Dog harnesses also tend to be more secure all around.  This means that the dog is less likely to wiggle out of it and take off.  They are used by all-size dog owners to keep their dogs safe both on walks and in the yard.  Having that peace of mind that even when they get excited they cannot wiggle out of it and run into the street is a good reason to look into dog harnesses. 

It also helps to train the dog to not pull on walks, without harming them.  The handler can pull back and it pulls at the shoulder area of the dog and keeps them in check.  

Types of Dog Harnesses

There are different types of harnesses such as a full vest like looking one or just basic straps.  The style of harness is really up to the owner and what looks and feels best for the dog.  If your dog is going to be wearing this harness a lot, you might want to consider one that is made of cloth and is more comfortable overall.  However, if you are using it to simply train the dog from pulling the strap design one would be sufficient.  Both are far better than just having a basic collar. They are so much more secure and allow handlers better control.

Harnesses are considered to be the most comfortable, secure, and safest method to hook your dog up to a leash.  Nowadays, whenever we take our dogs in public it is expected to have them on a leash.  Why not offer a comfortable option to your dog?