what is better a dog or cat

We’re a pet-obsessed nation, and rightly so! Cats and dogs provide friendship, affection, and unconditional love. Having a pet is also very therapeutic. 

It is a fact that pet owners have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Not only that, they are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress. A study conducted by the US Department of Health found that owning a pet increases one’s chances of surviving a heart attack. Another study discovered that people who own a pet cope with stress and loss better than those who do not. So having a pet is beneficial for more than just cuddles!

Cats and dogs have different needs and characteristics. Because of this, your choice should be influenced by your lifestyle as much as it is your personal preference.

However, choosing between a dog and a cat can be difficult. Let’s take a look at the differences for comparison.

Signs that dogs are suitable for you

A dog may be the right choice for you if you are an energetic “outdoorsy” type who enjoys staying active. Dogs require a lot of regular walks, fresh air, and stimulation. For the most part, they are best suited to people who have a garden, have easy access to parks and open spaces, or live in the country with wide-open spaces. However, dog parks are popping up everywhere, and some breeds don’t require this amount of exercise.

Well-trained dogs can accompany their owners on outings and travel. They are not naturally solitary animals, unlike cats. Dogs will require more attention than cats will as a whole. 

Of course, the sheer number of breeds available can make this decision even more difficult. Owning a Shih-Tzu, for example, is not the same as owning a German Shepard! Not sure which breed is best for you? Take your time and do your research. Finding out more about the different breeds and fully understanding the level of responsibility that you are taking on by getting a pet.

Signs that cats are suitable for you

If you have a busy lifestyle, limited indoor space, or simply want a more independent pet, a cat may be a better choice than a dog. Cats are content to be left alone and are relatively quiet. They tend to sleep and entertain themselves for the majority of the day, especially if allowed outside.

Cats do not require as much indoor space as dogs, particularly if they have safe access to a garden. Cats can be content even without outside access if they are fed an appropriate diet and have access to scratching posts, toys, and a litterbox to keep their minds and bodies busy and healthy. It’s also critical that you interact with them regularly.

Keep in mind that both cats and dogs will require someone to look after them when you are away. This could mean asking a neighbor to check in on them regularly or putting them in a cattery or kennel where they’ll be cared for while you’re gone. We hope that this helps you make a more informed decision on what is best for your household and lifestyle. What is better a dog or a cat?  You decide!

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