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At our dog training center in Arizona, we do whatever from personal defense pets (bite canines), drug canines, basic/advanced obedience, and behavioral concerns. Naturally, individuals see our various videos on YouTube of our experienced pet dogs doing bite work and they call us or email us because they desire their pet dog to do it!

Here’s the issue: everybody assumes that they can be an incredible personal defense pet since they have a German Shepherd, Doberman, Pit Bull, Rottweiler Cane Corso (etc.). This could not be even more from the truth. We train 65 dogs each week at our center, and out of a whole month, we may see ONE pet who can perform this task.

The chances of you getting a (insert almost any breed here) German Shepherd from a regular rescue, breeder, or shelter and that dog having the ability to be a personal protection trained pet dog is most likely about 2% (a basic guess, not statistical-based).

Individuals do not realize that places that use individual defense or police pet dogs get them from breeders who breed particularly for that. Even when they breed particular for that, maybe only half of the litter has what it requires incredible at this kind of work. Your chances of getting a pet from a regular breeder/shelter that canine can do this work are VERY slim.

I have to tell individuals daily that the canine they bought for household protection and have to spend the next 14 years of their life with will Never carry out the job they intended. So, do your research study and check out the blog site below to ensure you are getting the RIGHT pet dog for what you desire.

A misconception about individual security dogs is that they need to be aggressive. This isn’t true whatsoever. My trainers and I all have bite-trained dogs; they like individuals, love kids, love other animals, and so on. They need to be highly steady pet dogs that can understand when to bite (on command) and know when to be a terrific household companion, too!

About 98% of pet dogs (unless specifically trained) will look to you for comfort and assistance in a threatening situation. Sorry to dissatisfy you. However much better that you know the fact verse was having a false sense of security.

It takes a lot of work, training, scenarios, and discipline to recover rounded, friendly, and mingled canines to bite people, so it’s irregular for a dog TO bite somebody.

Individual defense pets have to have set characteristics that usually are just discovered in pets when they are bred to have these characteristics: high self-confidence, very HIGH prey drive, high energy, good nerves, etc.

You can check out how to choose the perfect canine in my blog, “How To Choose A Canine From The Litter.”

If you want a personal protection pet, you must be prepared to invest a lot of time, training, situations, pack obedience, self-confidence, and management training with this pet.

Ensure you do a lot of research study, speak to a qualified fitness instructor or a great breeder, and do a lot of research on the topic before making this 15-year commitment. Again, many high-drive working pets ARE NOT an excellent fit for about 90% of people. I usually fast to tell people they do not NEED personal protection and get an alarm and a gun for the house instead.

Tactical Bite Training: Unleashing the Power and Precision of Your Canine Partner

If you’ve ever been curious about police, military, and personal protection dogs, you’ve probably heard the term “bite training.” Tactical bite training is a crucial part of many working dogs’ curricula, aimed at harnessing their natural protective instincts and focusing them into a reliable, controlled response when needed. It is a form of advanced training that transforms a dog into an effective defense partner. Let’s dive deeper into what it entails, why it’s essential, and how to start.

The Importance of Tactical Bite Training

Tactical bite training goes beyond teaching a dog to protect. It is about precision, control, and obedience under high-pressure situations. A tactically trained dog understands when, how to engage, and – just as importantly – when to disengage on command. This level of training is essential for dogs involved in police work, military operations, or personal protection duties, where their bite can be the difference between safety and danger.

Understanding the Basics

The core of tactical bite training lies in the dog’s innate drive to protect and its ability to grasp complex commands. Dogs undergo extensive obedience training to respond precisely to voice commands, body language, and signals. This training emphasizes the ‘bite and hold’ technique, where the dog is trained to bite an aggressor and not let go until given the command to release.

A crucial part of this training involves using bite suits and sleeves, which protect the trainer while simulating real-life scenarios. These aids are designed to withstand strong bites, helping the dog to develop a firm, confident grip.

Building Trust and Bond

The relationship between handler and dog is at the heart of tactical bite training. It’s crucial to develop a deep bond of trust and mutual respect. The dog must see its handler as the pack leader, trusting their guidance implicitly, even in chaotic scenarios.

Starting Tactical Bite Training

If you’re considering bite training for your dog, finding an experienced, reputable professional trainer is crucial. Due to the risks involved, this is not training to be attempted without professional supervision. It’s also important to remember that not all breeds or individual dogs are suitable for this type of training. Working breeds like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds are often used, but suitability depends on the dog’s temperament, drive, and physical ability.

In conclusion, tactical bite training is a challenging yet rewarding journey that can transform a dog into an effective protective partner. It takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work, but the result is a highly trained dog capable of performing under pressure, potentially saving lives. Remember, responsible training and handler control are the critical elements in any protection training. Always seek professional guidance with your canine companion if you’re considering this path.

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